“The oldest classic rock band of Belgium” that’s what they say about Beyond the Labyrinth. The first question I ask myself is what do they mean by classic rock? I can imagine that every individual person has other thoughts about classic rock. The only way to find out is to listen to the band. And I had the opportunity to see them on stage. And I can tell you, it’s rock for sure, but it doesn’t sound old. The band as his own style which I will call “new classic rock”.

New EP

Brand new start” is the new EP that will released on Freya Records on 5 September 2019. This EP is literally a brand-new start for the band that have released 4 full length albums since 1996; “Signs” (2005), “Castles in the Sand” (2008), “Chapter III – Stories” (2011) and “The Art of Resilience” (2017).

The EP consists of four tracks recorded with the new line-up to re-introduce the band to the public. During 2019 and 2020 the band will work on their 5th full length album.

There are four tracks on the EP “Brand new start”:

  1. Brand new start
  2. Shine
  3. In Flanders Fields
  4. Salve Mater

The band

Early 2019 the band announced that Filip Lemmens was joining the band as vocalist to complete the line-up of the band. The other band members are founder-guitarist Geert Fieuw, Sjoerd Bruyneel (keyboards), Wilfried Kiekens (bass) and Michel Lodder (drums).

Adding Filip Lemmens and re-introducing Wilfried Kiekens to “Beyond the Labyrinth” has given the band wings: the best sounding “Beyond the Labyrinth “line up ever was suddenly elevating the music to a new level and delighting and convincing fans and promoters.

(picture: Viking-Lion-Photography 2019)

Result: the band is going back to their roots more then ever. So, you sound listen to the EP and find out for yourself how it sounds. I already did and I’m convinced, this is awesome!

Gig info

28 September 2019: “Devils Rock For An Angel Festival” Ieper (BE)

20 December 2019: “Puur Puur Puur!” (acoustic) End Of Year Show Castelhof Dilbeek (BE)

1 February 2020: “Elpee Café” Deinze (BE)



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