Prime Creation Tears of Rage

“Tears of Rage” is the second album of the Swedish melodic heavy metal band Prime Creation. The album will be released on September 27th.

album cover

Prima Creation is from Linköping (Sweden) and was formed in 2015. They released their first album, self-titled “Prime Creation” in 2016.

Listening to the album “Tears of Rage” was not the easiest job to do. I had to listen a few times to all the tracks before I can give an honest opinion. But I must say immediately that is always a good sign, I think. And there is always the question “how can I write exactly the right words in English”. It would be a lot easier for me to write a review in Dutch.

The album

But after a few times listening to the album I can say that I like it very much. The band calls itself a melodic heavy metal band, but there are more influences on this album. There is new industrial metal but also power metal involved in some of the tracks. It shows the diversity of this band.

The album starts with “Fingers Crossed”. Maybe with a reason? Fingers crossed when you start something new and you hope it will be the right choice. Well I can say you made the right choice. The opener of the album let us hear exactly how this album sounds, nice and heavy. I’m a huge fan of metal bands with three guitars. And Prime Creation knows how to do it, the perfect use of the “three guitars”. The whole album you can hear the instruments in perfect harmony with each other.

 “Lost in Shades” starts like a machinegun going off. This song is entering the room like a complete battalion of heavy equipment, full of energy.  Followed by  “Before the Rain”, more before the thunderstorm, heavy as hell.

I think the best songs on the album are “A Beggars Call” and “Endless Lanes”. But that’s only my opinion, I can imagine that you think why just those two songs?  Both songs let us hear what the band can do. The first one, modern metal with a lot of melodic passages and harmonic vocals, and the perfect balance between the guitars, bass and drums. And the other one shows us the diversity possible in the same song. And in this song, you can hear the really wonderful voice of Esa Englund.

Tears of Rage” is a great album that shows us that melodic heavy metal is something more than a few guitars and endless songs. Prime Creation has found the perfect match between melodic heavy metal and some new modern influences. I think every metal lover has to listen to “Tears of Rage”.

And for the Dutch readers:

Het album “Tears of Rage” is een bijzonder geslaagd album. Op dit album laat de band horen dat ze in staat zijn het traditionele geluid van een melodische heavy metal band te combineren met nieuwe invloeden waardoor de band een eigen geluid weet te creëren. Een aanrader voor iedere metal liefhebber.

Rating: 88/100

Prime Creation band photo #1
(promo picture Prime Creation)

Prime Creation is:

Henrik Weimedal – bass

Kim Arnell – drums

Robin Arnell– (lead) guitars

Esa Englund – vocals

Rami Tainamo – (rhythm) guitars

Track list:

  1. Fingers Crossed
  2. Lost in the Shades
  3. Before the Rain
  4. Pretend till the End
  5. Walk Away
  6. All for my Crown
  7. A beggar’s Call
  8. Tears of Rage
  9. Endless Lanes

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The album was recorded and mixed by Prime Creation at Silent Wall Recordings Studio. Drums were recorded by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground.  The album was produced by Prime Creation, Co-Produced by Pelle Saether. Mixed by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground and Mastered by Janne Stark, at Stark Music. The artwork was designed by Loewe at Loewenart Graphic design and finally, the layout was designed by Henrik Weimedal.

album cover

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