Redwolves Rigid Generation

The Danish band Redwolves released a new song, “Rigid Generation”, from the new album “Future Becomes Past”.


The band formed in 2012 and found a musical community in their common affinity for the classic heavy rock and the 00’s new wave of Scandinavian rock. The band describes their music as “modern classic heavy rock” or at other times “future rock”. Both terms appropriately describes how heavy Rock n’ Roll effortlessly can remain relevant, as long as the classic virtues and a good dose of edge and innovation keep being present.

They say this about the song:

“Rigid Generation” is a critique of our own generation and the fact that we spend more time spewing out our opinion in order to strengthen our own identity and self-confidence, than we spend on listening and understanding other people’s views.
You can find the song on our album “Future Becomes Past“! We really hope you enjoy it!”


Rasmus Cundell – vocals

Simon Stenbæk – guitar

Nicholas Tesla Jørgensen – bass

Kasper Rebien – drums

(picture presskit Redwolves)


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