FemME Metal Event 2019 Day 2


On the road again.

After a first day there will of course be a second day. That is logical (a spell borrowed from an famous guy from Amsterdam). So we went on our way to Hilvarenbeek again in good spirits. And that it is sometimes difficult to find a good spot for your car becomes clear to me. After having given my voiture a safe place a few streets away from The Box I see someone choose to park his car in front of the exit of the fire station. Luckily I see that he knows it in time and is still looking for another place. So because you never know, it promises to be a hot day today (considering the program) and the fire brigade is needed.


When I arrive at The Box it appears that we as spectators have been given less room in the venue. On day 1 we were still standing against the stage, now the fence is a bit away. Of course I have to ask why. Did the artists suffer from us or did they just want some more appropriate distance. Well, it turned out to be a kind of photo pit so that the renowned home photographers can do their job better. Fine of course, it doesn’t bother me.

Another winner on stage.

Day two also starts again with a winner. This time it is the Belgian formation Cathubodua. They were the public winner in the Belgian preliminary of the Battle. During the final they were chosen as the winner by the professional jury. I remembered I was a bit surprised, but today it became clear to me that these are real winners. The band plays a super tight act that is very professional on all fronts. Music, vocals and performance are fine and this puts everyone in the right position. We are here to enjoy and we do that right away with this first band.


The roof’s coming off.

It’s a good thing the exit from the fire station is clear. The Canadian band Breaking The Silent appears on stage. And that’s exactly what they do. For me it’s a completely unknown band, but after today that’s not the case anymore. But actually I should have known. Somehow I have a thing for Canadian bands. I’ve been following Shades of Sorrow for a while now and it shouldn’t be a secret that I think Unleash The Archers is the best power metal band in the world (highly recommended for FemME). And Breaking the Silent will certainly be added to that. With pruning-hard riffs and the fantastic voice (and performance) of singer Mariame K this band sets the audience on fire and “they play the pans of the roof”. And I believe that almost everyone in the audience agrees, this is really the discovery of FemME 2019.


Peace returns.

After the performance of Breaking The Silent it is nice to get some rest. That rest will certainly come when the band Imperia appears on stage. With Helena Iren Michaelsen as front woman, this atmospheric metal band is a relief to my ears.  It’s just a nice performance with some good hearing songs. This band fits perfectly in the program and I have to say that it just sounds nice. And that’s fine.


Back in time

At least I get that impression when I see the members of Serpentyne appear on stage. A guitarist in long robes reminds me of a medieval brother from the monastery. And of course it’s not really a surprise. Serpentyne is a British symphonic folk metal band that mainly performs songs with deep mythological lyrics. With the sympathetic Maggiebeth Sands in front, the band puts on a beautiful show. It is also more or less their release of the fifth full-length album “Angels Of The Night“. And of course it is, this music may or may not suit you. I think it’s really great but that shouldn’t be a surprise if you know me a bit.


The creation of the “Swinging Cameras”.

After Serpentyne’s quiet and more serious work, it’s time for more action on stage again. And then the next band is exactly one that can meet that, Enemy Inside. As the band itself says “we set the sky on fire”, “we are the members of our mind, we are Enemy Inside”.

And that’s what the band also radiates. Fire and passion on stage, well taken care of and with a front lady like Nasstasja Giulia the band guarantees a nice game of metal. And what is immediately noticeable is the mobility of the band on stage. The show is well put together. Of course also logical because the band makes a vlog of their tour.


But apparently it’s not moving enough. Suddenly a hyper nervous man with ADHD and a kind of video camera appears in the pit. And instead of just filming the band, he finds it necessary to make all kinds of spastic movements with his camera. And all that for our noses. After a few minutes I have the idea to look even more shrill than a split pea soup boiling in a pan. But fortunately there is always the rescuing hand of our “leader” who shows him with a stroke over the head that we don’t like it.

But it makes us feel happy. We are going to make the same movements with our cameras (synchronous as well) and so the act “De Swinging Camera’s” is born. Easy to book and the solution for the switch on stage. Put us there and the audience will be entertained in a delightful way. Because in addition to our swinging cameras, we are always able to tell you briefly and clearly what we think of certain things.

6  9

All in all, I have to say that this thing sometimes caused the attention towards the band a bit. And that’s a pity because it’s a great gig they put on.

My headliners.

As I indicated yesterday, this edition of FemME had a clear headliner for me), Skarlett Riot. This is really a band that I have a lot of respect for. Great music and also a band with real charisma. Who is making progress in all kinds of ways and also makes great music. With the radiant front woman Cloe Drinkwater. This versatile lady is not only a singer but also a model and also plays the guitar.


On stage she really is the heart of the band and knows how to wind the audience around her finger. Outside the stage a more than modest young lady. Sometimes even looking a bit nervous. I noticed that when she was waiting at the side of the stage before she showed up.

I am super satisfied with the performance. This is really what I expected in advance. It is a super cute and good band. We are going to hear a lot more and hopefully they will come back regularly. I know they play on Sunday in Helmond but well…….then FemME is also going on. And now something really bad is starting to happen.

Going back home early

Already during the performance of Enemy Inside I notice that my back starts to protest nicely. Pain that now radiates to my legs. And of course I just have to wait for terms like “grandfather”, “wimp”, “you’re getting older” etc. to be thrown at my head. But that’s all right and I’m not ashamed of that. But it’s just wise to quit now.

2     4

So let’s go home. And with the pace of a snail at rest walking to my car, which is now suddenly very far away. But oh well now I have all the time I need to take a quiet look at everything on the way, and that’s sometimes surprising. When I arrive at the car I manage to get into it with a lot of effort. Home and quickly to bed. But it doesn’t go  very well. From the chair and up the stairs……luckily you can’t watch. But tomorrow I just have to be there again. After a few minutes I fall asleep. It was awesome again.


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