FemME Metal Event 2019 Day 3


The day after

I went to bed with a lot of pain but this morning, day 3 of the FemME Metal Event, I’m fine. A hot shower works to get well again. And that’s a good thing because today I have to be in Hilvarenbeek again.

Day 3 is the so-called “acoustic day“. And I can still remember day 3 of last year asa wonderful experience. With performances by Lesoir, Leecher, Ann My Guard and Marcella Bovio,  this was a more than worthy ending of FemME 2018. With a bit of work left over in the form of interviews with Leecher and Ann My Guard, this was one of the best concerts of 2018. So I’m very curious.


Another renovation of the venue

When I arrive in Hilvarenbeek I have some time to chat before entering the venue. With lot’s of sunshine and a temperature of over 20 degrees it feels like spring again. A good start.

But inside it is a bit of a disappointment. On day 1 we were still against the podium, day 2 was characterized by a photo pit and today even the podium has been extended to the front. So again less space. But it will all have a reason, like everything else in life.

A wonderful start

The first band on stage today is Beyond God. Not a ‘stranger’ to me at all. Originally a symphonic metal band but today acoustic. Something I also admired about them a while ago in De Pul in Uden, where they also played together with Maiden United. This recently resulted in the release of a complete acoustic album “All Strings Attached“.


I must say Beyond God is rising above himself this afternoon. Despite a common cold, Meryl claims to be an excellent singer who has a voice that seems to have been made for this kind of music. Strongly supported by her band mates Ferry, Peter and Ronald, Beyond God manages to silence the audience and keep it quiet. This really touches you. I may be a lover of, but I really appreciate this. A good idea of the organization to let Beyond God perform here.

What to expect

Then it’s Maiden United’s on stage. A group of musicians playing Iron Maiden’s songs  acoustic  . Boys who like to make music together. And I’ve seen them twice already. In 013 in Tilburg as support act for Kamelot. And as I said before, in the Pul in Uden. And I remember that there was very little time between their last song that night and the end of the alarm a day later. In other words, you never know when it will be ready.


But this is FemME

Maiden United is, of course, a band with only boys in it.. And this is FemME, so we expect some female input. And now, of course, the men could appear in women’s outfits, but fortunately they have opted for something completely different. A number of guests have been invited who make the whole thing really FemME.


The band consisting of Daan Janzing, Joey Bruers, Dirk Bruinenberg and Huub van Loon has been expanded today with Maaike Peterse. So now they can play at FemME. And for the vocals they didn’t add a few singers to the band this afternoon either. There are Elina Siirala, Maggy Luyten, Eszter Anna Baumann and Lhana. Lhana added at the very last moment after Marcello Bovio was unable to attend due to private circumstances.

7    13

Eyes getting wet

Not an easy job to replace someone at the last minute. But Lhana does it with ease. This student from the Metalfactory takes the stage as if it is her daily work. And with the performances of Elina, Maggy and Anna, Maiden United turns it into a show, one to frame. The songs that are normally sung by the somewhat rougher male voices sound great. And it is sometimes quite difficult to keep the eyes completely dry.


And of course all this with the anecdotes, announcements and stories of Joey. How wonderful it is to hear him talk between the songs. And especially the respect with which he talks about his band mates and singers. Nice!


Another surprise

And if it’s not enough, there’s still a surprise in the top musical hat. On February 1st the first “Winter edition” of FemME is on the program. And one of the bands that will perform there is Queen Of Spades, the new band of Peggy Smits. And Peggy is present and participates in the grand finale. It’s great to have another talent on stage. I’m looking forward to the performance of her band in February. And again I’m sorry Peggy (I won’t be mistaken in name anymore!!!).


Perhaps the most beautiful moment

Before Maiden United will play the last song, Joey takes the microphone again. And what happens now is really great. He calls all the volunteers on stage one by one and has a personal word for each one of them. How beautiful is that. Because without volunteers there is no FemME. No Event, no Battles, no club tour, nothing at all. And we often don’t think about that. We often know better but leave it at words. Respect and homage, be proud of yourself and your organization.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 16 mensen, inclusief Joey Bruers, Marie Francisco en Hans van den Hoek, lachende mensen, mensen op toneel en binnen
(credits: Wendy Steenmans)

Too bad, I think one person has been forgotten, Joey himself. Because he really is one of the driving forces behind FemME. So thank you very much Joey!

And when Joey also asks “how long do I have left” we know that it’s really over now. Once more all the singers on stage, a lastsong and FemME 2019 is over.

It was fantastic

I can look back on three wonderful days. Nice bands and a great organization. Being together again with people with the same passion for music. Lots of fun but also a lot of laughter and it’s a pity to have to say goodbye again. But fortunately there will be another sequel and many of the people present here I will see again soon at a concert.

Thanks FemME and music friends


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