Imperium Of Vanity Crowdfunding Campaign

Can you imagine how it is when you love and make music but there are no opportunities for your kind of music in your home country? I think most of you will say “no”. Because here in Europe it’s also a struggle for metal bands but there are more opportunities then in South America.

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And how great it is when you get the opportunity to go abroad to make an album. And this opportunity is given to Imperium Of Vanity. This metal band from Chile is now in Hamburg recording a new album. They realize the project they won by the government of Chile.

So, Imperium Of Vanity (Victoria and Nick) are now in Germany, far away from home. Away from family and friends just to reach their goals is music.

And if you want to know more about them you can read the interview, I had with them some time ago. You can find it here:

Another goal they have in music is to make a video of one of the songs on the new album. Making a video is not a part of the project they won. So, they are asking to hep them. To reach this goal so they can make this video they started a crowdfunding campaign. You can find all about it here:

Listen to what they have to tell you and please help them. Show respect for what they are doing. It’s great we have such people who are living for their music. And how great it will be they can promote metal music in their home country.

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