Semblant, As I May, Secret Rule at Baroeg Rotterdam


Sometimes you are lucky when you love metal. When three different, but awesome, metal bands are coming to our country. And I can tell you that April 3 (2020) is one of these days. Three bands are coming to Baroeg Rotterdam. Semblant (Brasil), As I May (Finland) and Secret Rule (Italy) are the bands on stage that evening. So, if you love dark/gothic, melodic and modern metal, don’t hesitate and be sure you get your tickets!

Let me short introduce you to the bands

logo semblant

Semblant is a dark/gothic metal band from Brasil. The six band members are:

Mizuho Lin – vocals

Sergio Mazul – vocals

Juliano Ribeiro – guitars

Johann Piper – bass

Thor Sikora – drums

J Augusto – keyboards


logo as I may

As I May is a melodic metal band from Finland. The four band members are:

Tipi Nokelainen – bass and clean vocals

Lasse Hiltunen – guitars and scream

Jani Valhola – guitars and backing vocals

Marko Korhonen – drums


logo secret rule

Secret Rule is a modern metal band from Italy. The four band members are:

Angela Di Vincenzo – vocals

Andy Menario – guitars

Michele Raspanti – bass

Alex Beccati – drums


Date: April 3 2020

Price: presale €19,00   doors: €20.00

Doors open: 18.30


Spinozaweg 300

3076 ET Rotterdam


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