Luna Kills is energy filled, hard hitting rock band from Finland.

The band first released their debut album ”Before the Satellites” without a label in November of 2018, but they were signed to King2Music Records, so they re-released the album via the record label in November 29th 2019.

And I had the opportunity to interview the band and ask them about the re-release of the album, the future plans and more interesting thing about the band.

First of all, thank you very much for your time and doing this interview! Can you please introduce yourselves to the readers?

Sure we can. We are:

Lotta Ruutiainen – vocals
Samuli Paasineva – Guitar
Lassi Peltonen – Bass
Maiju Mäki – Drums

(Presskit Luna Kills)

Luna Kills is a name which is not common. Something with kills sometimes is associated with violence. But when I listen to your music it’s not violent or brutal. Can you explain the name Luna Kills. When I have to translate it in Dutch it means “dode maan” (in English dead moon of something like that).

We were in the process of changing our name this summer (former name: Tocornal) and there really wasn´t any specific meaning to the name or anything, it just sounded and looked cool. And yeah some of us are a little bit obsessed with space and sci-fi stuff so I may have had some impact in the name choice.

You’re going to make a re-release of your album “Before the Satellites”. Why a re-release?

Well, first time we released it last year we did it without a label, so now we have the opportunity to release it with worldwide distribution. It is so awesome and we are hoping that more people will hear our music, all around the world.


Is there a difference between the original album and the re-release?

A few little changes, we have a new design in the album cover and the booklet, but the content in the album is the same.

Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics on the album? Can you tell us something about the song writing process?

Everyone is included in the song writing process, and everyone handles their own instruments. Most of the song bases are composed by Lotta and Samuli, and Lotta writes the lyrics. So the music is really an all band effort. Every song has a different process, some of the songs just come together while jamming, other songs you must work on a lot more.

When I read your bio it says “Luna Kills sound is rock mixed with heavier elements and with a lot of attitude”. I have listened to the numbers on your album and I really don’t know how I can describe your music. It’s rock but I hear also funk, jazz and even some pop in it. I’m I right?

Yes, we have something for everyone! And it´s not like we have thought about putting all those elements in, it´s just how our music is.

How will you describe the music yourself?

Well it´s always been a challenge to us to describe our music in an easy way because we kind of have so unique sound and all our listeners have also described as one of a kind, but at the core we are a rock band with a lot of attitude!

Can you tell something about the tracks we can find on the album?

There are a lot of variety in the songs and when we were recording the album, it was important to us that the record sounded organic in the mix and not over produced and too mechanic if you will. So we were really going into the no-nonsense rock sound with a lot of raw emotion.

foto 2
(Presskit Luna Kills)

I can also read you have done a lot of gigs lately. In smaller pubs and festival stages. Which one do you prefer?

That’s pretty hard question because all venues have their own atmosphere and perks. Smaller venues are more intimate so you are closer with your audience, but bigger stages have more room to jump around and obviously it´s cool to perform to a bigger audience as well.

You have been on stage with Thundermother? How was it to work with them?

Very nice! Obviously they are a professional group so everything regarding the gigs was smooth and the women in Thundermother were super nice to hang with.

I’ve seen a few video’s on YouTube. I must say your shows are full of dynamite I would say. Where do you find all the energy we see on stage?

Well, we all enjoy to play live, it´s the thing we love the most. We always give everything on the stage and that is how this kind of music should be performed live. Even if we have had technical issues etc. it never affects our headspace and even if we have been injured or sick or just have had sleep deprivation or something like that, our energy just comes up from the love for what we do.

Now you are re-releasing your album. What are the plans for the future? Is there a new album next year? And can you tell something about it already?

Yes, we have been busy writing new material and we´ve already have done some pre-production for our second release and we are definitely going to studio next year and hopefully releasing it too. At the moment the songs we´ve done are in a way heavier and in a way also softer so it looks like we are staying true to our style which is kinda the uniqueness of our music.

Are there plans for a tour? And if there are, is Holland one of the countries you’re planning to go to?

There are gigs in the works, and we hope that we have as many of them as possible, and if Holland is on the table, we are definitely going to come there as well!

Is there something else you want to tell? Please feel free to do so.

Our re-release is happening 29.11. so make sure to go and give it a spin once it´s out, follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram) for updates on our plans, gigs and upcoming releases, hope to see you on the gigs!

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