Last Thursday (November 28) I introduced you the second band member. Not by name, but maybe some of you know already who she is, because of the answers she gave to the questions.

Today you will find out who she is. She already told us that she is the singer of the band..

So let me introduce you:

Linda Toni Grahn

linda foto

The answers she gave us.

Male or female:  female

Age: 31

Instrument(s): vocals

Full time musician/other job(s): work with music, make-up and events

Favorite kind of music: I like almost every genre there is

Favorite band: in metal, I would say Ghost and Nightwish

Favorite song: it’s hard to choose only one song….but I would say “Dance Macabre” by Ghost and “Nemo” by Nightwish

Most remarkable gig so far: Masters of Rock 2019, it was pure magic

Last gig: Masters of Rock 2019

Favorite quote: No rain no flowers

Guilty pleasure: candy

What will you tell us: I’m soooo excited to do tis with these lovely bunch of people, they are so talented and nice! I’m so happy to be part of this!


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