Velvet Insane A Brand New Start


The Swedish rock duo Velvet Insane releases on December 13th  their new single “A Brand New Start”. Before releasing the single I had the opportunity to ask Jesper  Lindgren and Bruce Kulick a few questions.

This is what they have to say about the new single:

This song is made for everyone. Everyone can feel the lyrics, they can sing it along, clap along, and just feel the happiness. This is what the song means for the band while making it. It is fast paced with a soft sound along with a crystal clear editing and mastering”. It has a little extra spice to it because renown guitarist Bruce Kulick featured on it.

So let’s find out what they have to tell us.

The band is called “Velvet Insane”. Can you is us something more about the band’s name. And maybe something about the history of the band.

Jesper: The band started in late 2013, as a dream project. I wanted to create a band that had a name and an image that was larger than life, something that could be straight out of 70s glam rock. I later met Jonas and the dream became reality.

Is “a brand new start” just a single release or is there an upcoming album also? And if there is can you already tell us something about it.

Jesper: It´s the first single from our upcoming album, it´s a fantastic album and I’m very proud of it.

How will you describe your music?

Jesper: Glamrock with a big touch of art.

What’s your favorite band(s) and is your music influenced by them?

Jesper: I love  The 1975, Noah Gundersen, Kiss, Def Leppard, Mott the hopple, Mike and the Mechanics, INXS. a lot of music. I think everyone has influenced me and Velvet in some way.

Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics?
Jesper: Me and Jonas writes the most together, I’m a little bit more in to music and Jonas the lyrics but we always write together.
Anna Ulin is a fantastic songwriter that we also have written a little with.

Is there a message in your song(s)?

Jesper: A lot of different once, this record is the most personal we have done to date.
It´s about storys from our life, it´s about feelings, emotions and life and death.

You write me everyone must hear this song. Why is it so special?

Jesper: It´s an upbeat song with a lot of good feeling in it, it´s a stumpy glamrock song that will put your hands up in the air clapping along.

Where can people find your music? (Spotify, YouTube etc).

Jesper: Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, everwhere.

Is there a release party December 13th when the single is on the market?

Jesper: Not a release party more than just a hangout with a focus on handwork and promotion of the single.

pic 1
(picture: Velvet Insane)

Are there any gigs planned and are they also outside your country.

Jesper: We have a few tours coming up, a lot of fun surprises.

What are your future goals in music?

Jesper: To Make Velvet Insane the biggest band around.

Is there anything else you want to tell us? And please feel free to tell anything you want and is important for us to know.

Jesper: Thank you! A big thank you to everyone!
And take a listen to our song ”A Brand New Start”, it features Bruce Kulick on guitar and it´s a killer.


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