Scarlet Desire Cry for your name

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“Cry For Your Name” is the first single by the Finnish-Greek symphonic metal band Scarlet Desire. The band was founded by Esa Mikkola and Danae Komodromou in 2014 in London (UK).

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Danae, having studied piano and opera singing for more than 19 years, is an educated classical soprano and great composer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Music at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

She started to compose instrumental music at the age of 11, mostly baroque and classical. Later she started to compose symphonic metal and connected with Esa, who started to help her with the songs.

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(Picture: Presskit Scarlet Desire)

Esa has been playing guitar, keyboards and drums for 26 years. He has played in many metal bands, composed a lot of metal music and studied and worked with sound engineering, producing and mixing and mastering.

This combination led to the release of the first single “Cry For Your Name” and will follow-up with other releases in 2020.



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