Askara FemME 2020


Askara is a gothic metal band from Switzerland. Askara’s music style is most aptly described as progressive gothic metal. The band unites different elements of gothic metal with progressive, heavier metal.

This distinctive style is characterised by the clear vocals of lead singer Myriam and bassist Elia’s growls contrasting her singing. These opposing sides of clarity and harshness are also mirrored by the instruments: Guitars, bass, and drums build up a basic layer of powerful sounds, while the piano contributes softer, more melodic nuances. In Askara’s songs, catchy tunes meet brute and powerful riffs and sometimes even breakdowns (info facebook).

(picture: Niels de Zwarte)


Myriam Schmidt – vocals, piano
Elia Schmidt – growls, Bass
Benj Wiesli – guitars
Raphael Grünig – drums

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