First Revival “SEVEN”

A few months ago (March 2020) I told you about First Revival and their EP ‘Remember Me’. This album was a re-release from the older one ‘Hope Has Us Blinded. The re-release of the EP was a new fresh start for this band as guitar player Simone Stålnacke us.

Making a new fresh start and a re-release was not enough. The band started working to write new music for a brand new album. And the first new track is ready and will be released at Friday July 31th.  The track is called “SEVEN”, and is the first single of the upcoming album “Rust“.

So what can we expect? I know we will get the answer at July 31 but I had the opportunity the listen to it. And I can tell you will not be disappointed. Sure it sounds like the First Revival we already know but you will also find out that the band has put a lot of fresh energy in this track. The first thing I thought when I saw the title, “SEVEN”, I immediately thought about the movie with the same title. And I can say this track fits perfectly and can be used as the title track when there will be a re-release of the movie.

Photocredits: Peter Rydstrom

The band has put a lot of work in this new track. Starting a bit slow but it’s only for a short moment, the catchy guitars, bass and drums will keep you awake for sure. And there always the deep dark voice of Hasse Johansson, which give the song just tan extra dimension.

First Revival showed us were they are capable of with this new track. And I can’t wait to hear the new album. And if “SEVEN” is how it’s going to sound I know for sure the album will be on my record player for sure.

If you want to be one of the first to watch and hear the video, don’t hesitate and follow this link:

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