Battering Ram Pieces

Battering Ram released highly anticipated new single “Pieces”!

Pieces delivers all that fans love from the signature Battering Ram sounds and more!
Powerful vocals, heavy guitars, relentless drums and bass.
This is the second single since their self titled, critically acclaimed 2020 album.
’’Rage’’ (August 21st) was the first single to be released after Battering Ram’s debut album this year.

About Battering Ram

Straight forward Hard Rock from Sweden.

Although being a relatively new band, the 2020 debut album has already taken the music scene by storm, skyrocketing the bands popularity on Spotify.

With an impressive amount of listeners per month and recent inclusions on five of Spotify’s most impressive hard rock playlists, it’s fair to say that this band is out to a great start!

(Picture: Presskit Battering Ram release Pieces)

The band consists of Johan Hallström (vocals), Jonas Edmark (guitar), Tony Trust (drums) and Jocke Ståhl (bass).

Follow Battering Ram here:


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