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A new album ‘Life’s Phenomenon’ and a brand new video ‘The Diamond Hills’, I’m talking about the Finnish band Averlanche.

The band was founded in Helsinki in early 2017. During the same year they recorded their first demo ‘The Machinery of Life’. After the release of the demo and the first few gigs they knew it was time to record their first full length album.

They wanted to have an experienced producer to guarantee the best result so they contacted Hiili Hiilesmaa  who suggested  that they should record the album in Punkalaidun with Arttu Sarvanne.

The band spent 12 days in the beautiful countryside of Finland  and recorded 10 songs for the new album.

And because of the release of this album (November 6th 2020) OnsNieuwsMusic had the opportunity the interview the band.

Antti Kopra

I play the keyboards. I have been into music since childhood and about 10 years ago I started writing my own music and lyrics. At first it was just a creative outlet for myself, but in 2016 I decided to try what my songs would sound like with a band.

Joonas Hämäläinen

I started playing bass guitar in high school and joined my first band in 2002. After that I’ve played in several metal bands in the Helsinki area and in Joensuu, Eastern Finland. Despite my history in metal bands, I have a broad taste in music: jazz, pop, hip-hop, electronic, metal in several subgenres, tango film music etc. I’m a nature loving adventurer and in a way, I consider myself as the father figure of the band.

Antti Pätsi

I am the drummer guy. I started playing the drums when I was 10 years old. For the first two years I took lessons until I turned 12 and got my first drum kit. From that moment on I have been teaching myself until now and I’m still learning. Musically I’m mostly influenced by Nordic death metal bands, which were a huge deal when I was younger.

Otto Haalahti

I am the guitarist of the band. I started to play piano when I was 7 years old, but I switched to guitar when I was 14. Since then I have been in various bands playing many different genres, but metal has always been the closest to my heart.

Rebecca Spörl

I am the vocalist, but actually started out playing the piano and organ and only sang in choirs. When I was about 12 years old I started playing the organ in church every Sunday and soon after I studied to become a church musician. At some point I started singing at weddings and smaller concerts and joined a cover band in high school. That’s when I decided I want to become a singer. When I moved to Finland I applied to Turku conservatory and got my musician degree from there with a major in pop/jazz vocals. At the same time I found Averlanche, so I moved to Helsinki after my graduation to become a permanent member of the band.

If we listen to your music, how will you describe it?

Our music is influenced by Finnish metal music of the 1990’s and the early 2000’s, combining heavy guitars with catchy melodies.

And are there bands who have influenced you and can we hear it back in your music?

Definitely! For example HIM, Nightwish, Evanescence, Sonata Arctica, Sentenced, Amorphis etc.

Are you guys full-time musicians?

At the moment we are all working, but we hope to be full-time musicians someday!

The band released already a few singles. Can we find them on the new album?

Yes! All the singles are songs you can find on the new album.

How many tracks are there on the new album?

The physical release has 10 songs and a bonus CD with 5 of the 10 songs in German. The online release has 9 songs and no bonus CD, so you should a definitely a physical copy.

Can you tell us something about the music on the new album?

Our debut album sound wise is a trip back into the time when we started to listen to metal music. We didn’t try to invent anything new or sound like other modern metal bands; for this album we just wanted to go back to our roots and play the kind of music we enjoyed listening to back in the days.

The album is called ‘Life’s Phenomenon’, why this name?

(Antti Kopra) I was trying to compose a song named ‘Life’s Phenomenon’. The song sounded like shit, but I loved the name and thought it would be a perfect album title.

Which one of you wrote the songs and the lyrics for the new album?

Antti Kopra has wriiten all the songs and lyrics of the album. The German translations are done by me (Rebecca) and my father Rainer Spörl.

And who did the wonderful artwork?

A very talented artist called Iris Aalto. We also got help from our friends Annika Silvennoinen and Katariina Kosunen who did the illustrations and logo’s for the band.

Is there a message in the songs or in the whole album which you will tell us?

Besides the traditional sound, the album has 10 little stories about live itself.

Will there be a release party?

We are trying to figure this out, but corona is making things difficult for us.

Is there a chance we can see you in our country?

We hope so! It’s one of my dreams to perform in Holland, since many of my favorite musicians are from there. I went sailing in Holland one time, it’s already a long time ago, but I loved it very much and I can’t wait to back to your beautiful country.

And last but not least, were can people buy the album?

People can order the album here:


More information about the band;




(Artwork album cover: Iris Aalto. Artwork logo and band picture: Annika Silvennoinen and Katariina Kosunen).

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