Corrosive Sweden Devil of Mine

Swedish Heavy Metal band Corrosive Sweden recently released their latest single “Devil of Mine”.

Corrosive Sweden was formed in 1997 and have since then released a number of albums and performed at numerous clubs and festivals, mainly in Sweden.
They have had the opportunity to play with huge bands such as The Hellacopters, Amaranthe, Engel, Dead By April, Corroded, Freedom Call, The Kristet Utseende, Smash Into Pieces, Art Nation and Eyes Wide Open, among others.
Corrosive Sweden were also invited as special guests for a gig with the Backyard Babies.

The band is currently working on their new album. The first single this year (2020) is called “Devil of Mine” and was released October 2nd. As many other colleagues in the music industry, they had to cancel the tour planned for 2020.
-”We are really looking forward for Covid to cease, meanwhile, we are spending time with our families and creating music”, the band says.
The recording of this album happened just as with their previous album, in their own studio “Dark City Sounds”.

The sound of Corrosive Sweden has been described as a hybrid between old school thrash metal and melodic metal.
The five band members have different backgrounds when it comes to their personal musical influences.
It is a wide range from classic hard rock, thrash metal, punk, power metal to modern metal. This makes the sound of Corrosive Sweden unique, but with recognizable fragments from their musical influences

(Picture: EPK Corrosive Sweden)

Corrosive Sweden:

Christer Ulander: lead guitar

Daniel Hedin: drums

Peter Fors: guitar

Alexander Cundell: bass

Johan Bengtsson: vocals

Devil of Mine” is available on all digital platforms.
Watch the music video here:

You can follow the band here:






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