RIOGHAN ‘Blackened Sky’

Finnish songstress Rioghan  released her debut EP ‘Blackened Sky’ .

Two singles have been already released and you can watch Enough music video here: and Hollowness music video here: 

Rioghan is a solo project performed by singer Rioghan Darcy. Rioghan was founded in 2019 and is based on Lapua, Finland.

Promo picture: Heini Ylä-Vannesluoma. Hair & makeup by Viivi Kiilunen

Rooted deeply in both gothic and progressive metal scenes, she sure should bring something interesting on the table. She started off in 2010 as a poetry and lyric writer, but in 2019 she finally wanted to add some more to the mix and decided to fleshen up some of her words with music.

She teamed up with a few skilled songwriters and together they came up with a 4 song EP “Blackened Sky”, which is released now. Live lineup is still in the making, but live shows will hopefully start in 2021 with the EP release.

Track list:
1. Hollowness
2. Enough
3. Wither
4. Corrupt

More about Rioghan:

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