The Finnish Oulu-based female fronted hard rock band Lost Division is set to release their debut album ‘Cuts And Scars’ on May 28th 2021 via Inverse Records. Their first single ‘The Queen’ from the album is already released.

So it’s time to introduce you to the band and let’s find out some more about the album! And so I asked them some questions.

First of all can you tell us something about the history of the band?

Lost Division is a metal-leaning hard rock band established in 2015, that has stabilized their style and configuration after a few member changes. Lost Division was originally a desk-drawer demo project for its core members, and refining the project ended up with the birth of the band. The first single release of ‘Wish You Were Dead’ came out in 2018. In 2019 the singer changed and the band started to gather material for their debut album, which was recorded in 2020.

Please introduce yourselves.

Line up:

Maija Väsänen –Vocals

Antti Ovaska –Rhythm guitar

Jaakko Korpi –Lead guitar

Mikael Luukela –Bass

Jaha-Matti Sipola -Drums

promo picture Lost Division

When I look at the information on social media it’s not easy to find out how you call your music. And when I listen to the album I hear a lot of metal/hard rock influences. How will you describe it?

We would describe our music as female fronted metal-leaning hard rock.

The new single ‘The Queen’ is, as you call it , ‘t he more calm and melancholic side of the upcoming album’. So what can we expect when we listen to the other songs?

You can expect heavier and more upbeat songs. The melancholic feeling although is there throughout the whole album.

The album was already recorded in 2020 but the release will be on May 28 th 2021. Is there a particular reason why just then?

No particular reason. Although there were some thinking to do with the cover art, publishing etc.

Who is responsible for the music parts and the lyrics on the album?

Music is mainly composed by Antti. Maija has composed all the vocal melodies and she writes the lyrics. Arrangements we do together as a band.

I also can read that there’s a message in your songs. Where are the songs about and is there a message for the people who will listen to it?

Lyrics describe personally felt cruelty of life. Lost Division wants to portray even the more difficult topics without self-pity and with the awareness of the fragile and unique value of life. We do not aim to change the world with our music, but want to tell you how it feels when life is kicking you in the head.

Who came up with the title of the album, ‘Cuts & Scars’?

In the song, “Mayhem” there’s a line “cruelty, cuts and scars” and we all thought that it sums up the theme of the album quite nicely.

Can you tell us how the recordings went?

All recording is made by ourselves in Lost Division’s own Liiteri studio. We wanted the record to be as good as possible, so it did take a long time, testing and finding proper sounds, but we are happy with the result. Altogether, the recording was hard at times but it was also so rewarding.

Which is (are) your favorite track(s) on the new album?

The Queen’ and ‘Mayhem’ are my personal favorites (Maija). I obviously like the sad ones.

Will there be a release party when the album will be released?

We hope so. Because of the corona you really can’t tell how it will play out and if it’s possible to have a party or not.

Will there be another single we can enjoy before the album will be released?

Yes, second single “Trapped” will come out in April. And a third one before the album. The third single is called “No God”.

Lost Division social media:


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