Northern Redemption

Heavy metal from the North. How many time did I write about it? I don’t even remember how many bands I’ve presented you from the Northern European countries. And I can tell you that I’ve found another one, Northern Redemption.

Northern Redemption, an ‘old school’ heavy metal band is from Sweden and founded by Thomas Furustig. The band was formed last year but already released two singles, ‘Spiritwalker’’and ‘Pandemic’. And even a new one that will be released soon.

The first one ‘Spiritwalker ’is about a healer who can talk and see dead people. But against himself uses his gift for good, but people around only see witchcraft and spirits.

And ‘Pandemic’, as his name says, it speaks about what we’re living. And how the pandemic affected us all.

You can find both songs on YouTube.

Line-up Northern Redemption:

Thomas Furustig

Pontus Nilsson

Joakim Lundqvist

Andreas Larsson

Matthias Åström

More information:

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