Vengeant “The Unreal”

Progressive, Symphonic Metal band Vengeant released their new single, “The Unreal”!

The Unreal” displays another dimension to the Vengeant sound with prog elements and new harmonies on top of the already established powerful and versatile female vocals, technical guitar and drums, backed up by a landscape of cinematic orchestrations!

Artwork by @sanjinhalimic

Vengeant is:

Danae Komodromou – Vocals. Danae Komodromou of Athens, Greece is a classically trained and highly educated singer with a wide range of vocal skills, ranging from Power Metal to Opera. She is also the lead singer of Symphonic Metal band Scarlet Desire. You will hear her versatile vocals on our upcoming 5-track EP.

Christoffer Holm – Lead Guitar & Bass. Beyond his role as Lead Guitarist and Bassist, Christoffer is also the creator, songwriter and composer of the band. Known for his unique songwriting and guitar shredding. All the guitars and bass on the upcoming 5 song EP are performed by him.

Dennis Eriksson – Rhythm Guitar. Dennis is a highly experienced musician and songwriter, currently guitarist of bands Mad Hatter and Darkest Void. Dennis will perform guitars with Christoffer on the new material after the EP.

Alfred Fridhagen – Drums. Alfred Fridhagen is a more machine than human on the drums.
An unstoppable force who has recorded drums for numerous bands and who’s currently also drummer of bands Saint Deamon, Mad Hatter and Darkest Void.

Listen to the track on Spotify here:

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