Dream Ocean The Missing Stone

Dream Ocean is a symphonic metal band found in Turkey and moved and based in Germany. In 2018they released their debut album “Lost Love Symphony”. And now, three years later, they are working on their second album “The Missing Stone”.

This time the band decided to continue their way as an independent band. With their second full-length studio album “THE MISSING STONE” this time they will take you into a psychological puzzle. 

Musically, “THE MISSING STONE” is the next step in defining their own sound. As a first glimpse, they already have released two singles, “Pendulum of Time” and, as a reaction to the muted stages during the COVID-Crisis, “The Great Silence“.

Dream Ocean an independent band and they needed your support to make the release of “The Missing Stone” happen. With this campaign, they also hope to get to know you, listeners, more closely and make you a part of this album.

And how you can help the band you can find here:




Country: Germany/Turkey
Symphonic Metal

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