Edge Of Paradise The Unknown

While Edge Of Paradise puts the finishing touches on their fourth coming studio album, “The Unknown,” which is due out this fall, the band has released a new single and music video, ‘Digital Paradise.’ The song and video serve as a prelude of what to expect from the band’s upcoming opus, which sees them having taken a massive leap across the board in songwriting and performance.

The upcoming album, “The Unknown,” is Edge Of Paradise‘s fourth studio album, coming on the heels of their well-received third album and Frontiers Music Srl debut, “Universe.”

The band teamed up with renowned producer Howard Benson (Halestorm, Seether, Black Stone Cherry, etc.).

Together with Mike Plotnikoff (Halestorm, Three Days Grace) and Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace), he helped the band craft their biggest-sounding album.

Edge of Paradise‘s founding members, vocalist/pianist/keyboardist Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates, have found their perfect partners in crime with drummer Jamie Moreno and bassist Ricky Bonazza (Butcher Babies)

Current plans are for the band to tour extensively through 2022 in support of “The Unknown” and touring announcements coming up soon.

After the band’s debut album “Mask,” released independently in 2012. The band released their sophomore album “Immortal Waltz” in 2015.
In March 2017, Edge Of Paradise released a five-song EP, “Alive,” produced by Chuck Johnson (Korn, Slipknot) and mixed by Jay Ruston, Mike Plotnikoff, and Michael Wagener.

The band then signed with Frontiers Music Srl to release their third album, “Universe” (November 2019), which saw them achieve well over one million streams on Spotify for the album’s lead single, the title track.

(Picture: Presskit KS).


Margarita Monet – Vocals, keys

Dave Bates – Guitars

Jamie Moreno – Drums

Ricky Bonazza – Bass





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