Rosita Stone releases new single and video “Love to the World”

Rosita Stone releases the sensational single and video “Love to the World
American super producers collaborate with Rosita Stone on her new album.

Rosita Stone’s Love to the World is an epic anthem for our times, no matter our race, culture, gender identity or spiritual beliefs; she believes we are all born to bring love into the world, with unity as the ultimate goal. 

(Press Killsound)

The essence of her music is emotional, the appeal universal, the delivery inclusive, evocative, and unforgettable. Rosita Stone is an award-winning multilingual artist, producer and dancer who is unleashing what is sure to be her breakthrough hit“Love to the World”, July 9th, 2021, an instantly attention-grabbing feel-goodtrack with deep roots and a mountain of magnetism. The hook is undeniable, the timing is perfect. Resistance is futile.

Love to the World is co-written by herself and American producer Big Chris Flores who has worked with Fergie of Black-Eyed Peas, Slash of Guns & Roses, and Rihanna and many more artists. The video for Love to the World features Capoeira which was developed by the African people in Brazil as a mechanism for resistance against their oppressors and to create community and unity for themselves. It’s a blend of martial arts, acrobatics, music and “play”.

(Press Killsound)

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