MAGEIA releases The Rose

MAGEIA releases their new song “The Rose”. MAGEIA is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Liza Kay and was founded in 2019. The music can be described  as female-fronted progressive rock with a blend of different styles & influences from folk to neo-classical to oriental.

The band’s song “The Rose”is meant to complete the spiritual journey of the debut album and to set the mood for a new chapter. It tells of the intense process of letting go and the strength that can be ignited along the way.

Curious about Mageia? I did an interview with Liza Kay which you can find tomorrow on this website. So stay tuned!!

Written by Liza Kay & Milan Polak                                                                                                                Produced & Arranged by Milan Polak & Liza Kay


Liza Kay: Lead & Backing Vocals                                                                                                              Milan Polak: Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals                                                                                             Jeff Neal: Drums


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