Liza Kay (Mageia)

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Can you introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from etc?

I’m an Austrian singer/songwriter and I have been into music since I’m 6 years old. In my teens I got my first electric guitar and from there I got more into music like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.  Besides my passion for music, I also love to explore old occult books, I’m interested into nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, be in nature and I enjoy traveling.

Can you introduce your band Mageia, who are the other bandmembers etc?

Mageia can best be described as female-fronted progressive rock with a blend of different styles & influences ranging from folk to neo-classical to oriental.

There is a core of Mageia, which consists of me and Milan Polak. We write the songs together and work out ideas. The rest is made up of other great musicians, but of course they also have their own bands. But to name one person who was involved in the debut album is Jeff Neal. He is the drummer of the band Boston.

When it becomes possible to play live again, we will see who else will be part of the band. Currently, the whole live front is unfortunately paralyzed.

(picture: Liza Kay)

Do you have a musical background?

Yes, I have already played in a couple of bands and I have been playing instruments since I was a kid. From black metal to doom to rockabilly. I had experimented with a few different styles before I started my own band.

When did you decide to be a musician?

When I held an instrument in my hands for the first time as a child, I decided to make music an integral part of my life. However, I have only been a practicing musician for a few years now.

Are you (and the band) influenced by other bands or artists?

I can only speak about myself in that case. My biggest inspirations for me are bands like ‘The Devil’s Blood’, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. But recently I have also become very fond of the band ‘Gojira’. I like the idea that they have developed such a unique style.

Which are your favorite bands?

My favourite bands are Journey, The Scorpions (especially with Uli Jon Roth), Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Devil’s Blood, Gojira and Celtic Frost.

The band has already released an album. Can you tell us something about it?

Mageia’s debut describes a spiritual journey.

Who is responsible for the lyrics and the music?

I wrote the lyrics for the songs except for the song ‘The Rose’ where me and Milan worked on the lyrics together. The music was composed by Milan and me as well.

Is there a message in the songs?

The message behind the songs can best be seen as the constant incentive to always keep fighting, no matter what happens around you, and to break away from negative thought patterns.

Can we expect new songs or even an new album?

Yes, we are already working on new songs for the second album. Some songs are a bit more advanced than the others, but it’s going on.

(picture: Liza Kay)

How is it to be a musician during this hard times (during Covid)?

Fortunately, since I didn’t have to cancel tours and concerts like all bands worldwide, and since my band was unluckily born into this crisis, I can’t say it’s extremely bad now. However, I’m already longing for live concerts a lot and that’s already bothering me a bit. It would be nice to reach people in person again.

Is it in your country possible to play for a live audience again?

It is possible but under very strange conditions.

What are your future plans?

Writing on a new album, reaching new people with my music and hopefully playing live. I am also thinking of a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money for my next album or for pressing vinyl and having some merch in stock. Let’s see.

Is there a possibility we can see the band in Holland one day (I hope so)?

I love Holland and I have already played there with a band I was involved in. Therefore it would be awesome to play live there again, but with my own band this time. There are currently no plans due to the present situation, unfortunately. Let’s see what the future will bring.

Are there bands you want to go on tour with?

It’s only important to me that we and the other band are on the same wavelength humanly. For the rest I am very open.

(picture: Liza Kay)

What was your most remarkable concert so far?

Oh, it’s hard to say.  I think I enjoyed most of the concerts I went to. The bands I remember the most are Black Label Society, Swans, Ghost, Cult of Fire and Blood Ceremony.

How important is the audience for you?

In my opinion, the audience is the most important part in this.  They come to our shows, buy our records, listen to our music and also recommend us to others. I also enjoy the exchange of energy between us and the audience that automatically arises when the mood in the venue is good.

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