Huri Hau is a progressive metal band with movie soundtrack influences created by Sebastián Sandoval. Their debut EP is called Radical Dreamers which has 6 songs telling the story of Ameyalli, who is a girl who lives in the fantasy town inspired by the towns of Veracruz, called ‘Huri Hau’. Deciding to go to study in the city where she is you will find problems that afflict Latino society.

Machismo, racism, consumerism, politics, existential  doubts, etc. Each song of the EP represents each phase that she has to go through in order to discover her inner self. A theme that is hidden in each of the lyrics of the songs, taking you through each of the stages as Latinos we live day by day.

To find out more about the band and there music I had the opportunity to ask them some questions. And so here are the answers.

Thank you Huri Hau!!

Your first EP is called ‘Radical Dreamers’. I can read in your press kit that the songs on this EP are telling the story of Ameyalli. Which one of you came up with this idea?

Well the whole story is a tale that Sebastián wrote in 2019. He wanted to tell a story about traditional towns in Mexico and how a girl called Ameyalli want to be a better person. Study, work, knowing different parts of the world etc. But she has to leave behind the traditions, family and obviously the fantastic part of the story, the magic.

Ameyalli in this story is going through different situations that we experience in the whole world, not only in Mexico. Things as consumerism, racism, sexism etc.

Which one of you is responsible for the music and the lyrics on the EP?

The music is composed by Sebastián, Mike and Daniel. The lyrics are written by Jennifer Dali. Inspired by what part of the story we were in each song we try to put our particular experiences in those songs. And of course all of ur feelings and we want to share this messages with all our listeners, so they can enjoy our beautiful music with a powerful message inside them.

Is the EP influenced by a particular kind or style of music?

Well the songs are influenced by different genres, but the most notable one is progressive metal. We try to save things that a band as Dream Theater is doing. Not so much into modern metal or modern progressive, but we got our inspiration from movie soundtracks, pop music, instrumental music, video game soundtracks but also classical music too. It’s hard to say that we have just one genre but yeah, we love progressive metal the most.

(Picture: Presskit Huri Hau)

So now we know the style of music but how would you call the kind of music you’re playing?

We describe it as cinematic progressive metal. There is a time in the near beginning we think we are in to progressive or symphonic,  but our orchestrations are more Hollywood music like Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard, and are not complex at all. They are just ambience  and they are basically an ornament for the heavy parts, so more cinematic. And obviously a companion of the whole story.

Now you are releasing an EP. Will there be an album in the near future or do you have plans for it?

We are thinking to release a full album instead of the EP. The time is going to be perfect because our songs last at least 5 minutes, so one more song is going to be okay and we can complete the full story.

Or….maybe not. And we have to do a Radical Dreamers Part II.

Rodrigo (presskit Huri Hau)
Sebastian (presskit Huri Hau)

Can you tell us something about the metal scene in your country?

We love to talk about our metal scene. Well we have tons of talented musicians, composers and players. The problem is that the scene is kind of jealous and with a lot of nonsense, gossip out there, fortunately in the pandemic era, the scene became more united and more friendly. But we have to say that we have so many amazing bands from traditional heavy metal to progressive technical bands in the level of the great one’s in the world. And that’s something that we are proud to be from Mexico in the metal world.

Is it difficult for a metal band to find a venue to play in your country?

There are a lot of venue’s in Mexico City. Unfortunately we don’t know what will happen with the venues because of Covid. They are starting to get open again but at the moment without shows or something like that. I think we have to be patient until we know something more. But yeah, two years ago there were almost ten famous venues to play at. Also with festivals like Hell & Heaven, Domination, Metal Fest etc.

Are you all full-time musicians or do you have other jobs also?

The only full-time musicians are Mike and Rodrigo. Daniel is architect, Sebastián works in the advertising business and as a composer. Jennifer as a digital security corporate.

Daniel (presskit Huri Hau)
Mike (presskit Huri Hau)

Let’s go back to your EP. Will there be a party when the EP is out?

We are hoping that when the EP will be released we can go out again because we want to create an event with our favorite Mexican bands, sharing our happiness and joy, obviously if Covid permits us.

How de people react on your first single/video?

It’s amazing! We are so happy how people react to our first single and also our marvelous video produced by Black Halo Photography.

Thank you guys for all the support that you create in the comments and the magic of all the notes around the globe talking about our first single and be ready for what’s next.

Is there a change that we will see you in Europe?

Yeah, of course! Actually our goal outside Mexico is to visit Japan and Europe first. We think our people are there. Also we are going to begin a tour around Mexico and Latin America. But we want to visit a lot of countries sharing all the Mexican energy we have in our bodies and headbanging with the Europeans.

Jennifer (presskit Huri Hau)

And which countries do ypu like to visit when you come to Europe?

We like to visit England, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, The Netherlands and, why not, Norway. I think those countries are alike to our music and what we want to share in our concept.

And are there bands you want to go on tour with?

Sure! Nightwish, Epica, Jinjer, Dream Theater, Alcest and many more.

Thanks for the interview and greetings to NL!!!!!!!

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