Germana Noage

First of all, can you introduce yourself? Who are you and where you from? 

I was born and still live in RomeItaly, although I want to point out that I have Sicilian origins. I’m very attached to my land and its culture and when I can I take a plane and go to breathe the air of citrus and sea. I was about five years old when I used to sing in my mom’s kitchen, I used a wooden microphone that was actually the pestle that my mother used to crush garlic. I have an innate passion for music, my maternal grandfather was a tango dancer and everyone in the family played an instrument. 

Do you have a musical background? 

My first band when I was fifteen, we played eighties rock covers. I tried my hand at various genres, from pop to blues, from rock to smooth dance music. But it’s with my last former band Aetherna that I debuted for the first time in the metal genre, with whom I recorded an LP under the Elevate Records label and opened live shows of important artists such as Lacuna Coil, David Ellefson, Pino Scotto etc. 

Are you a professional musician or do you have another job also? 

I have never considered music a job rather an innate passion. I always write my lyrics and as a child I also studied piano. I have one at home that I still play every now and then. 

(Photocredits: Stefano Ciccarelli)

‘Surrender’is the first single of NOAGE. What can you tell us about the single? 

Surrender was born from the collaboration with Jonathan Vanderbilt leader of Celtic Hills band. This song tells of a period of my life where I couldn’t find the right answers to the questions I asked myself, it seemed to me to turn in a circle inside a labyrinth until an intuition, coming from a channel beyond the mind, suggested to me that the only way out of periods of stalemate is to surrender to the flow of existence,  like a river that reaches the sea and doesn’t stop in front of obstacles but simply lets itself be transported to the goal. 

A first single is always a start  I think. What can we expect for the near future? Will there be an album also? 

Surrender is the first single of my solo project NOAGE, released with the record label Elevate Records. Produced by Michele Guaitoli Vocalist for Visions of Atlantis, Temperance and producer and audio enginee, written in collaboration with Jonathan Vanderbilt of Celtic Hills with whom I’m working on writing new songs for a future LP. 

Is NOAGE a personal project or are more musicians involved? 

Noage is a solo project in collaboration with Jonathan but next year I will be looking for other musicians to bring the live project on the stages. 

How would you describe the kind of music you make? 

Noage’s music is gothic metal, the bands that led me to love and choose this genre for my solo project were EvanescenceWithin Temptation and Nightwish

Which kind of music do you like most? 

I love symphonic metal music and I love also blues singers like Etta James and Nina Simone

Do you have a song that you will call a guilty pleasure? 

La Vie en rose, a famous French song written, interpreted and brought to success by Édith Piaf

What is your favorite band? 

My favorite bands are Evanescence and Lacuna Coil

How is it to be a musician nowadays, I mean with Covid? 

The period of downtime due to Covid paradoxically was experienced by me as a moment of recollection to be able to change path, in fact after a year of downtime with my former band I found myself designing my new path without even realizing it, just following the flow of life. 

What are your future plans in music? 

If everything goes as I desire, i’d like to release my first LP next year. 

If there will be album what can you tell us about it? What can we expect (the same genre as Surrender or will it be different)? 

The album will follow the same genre of Surrender, the second single is already done but I can’t anticipate anything… 

(Photocredits: Stefano Ciccarelli)

I saw a video on YouTube were you’re singing with a band called Celtic Hills. Are you performing with them om stage also? 

Early 2021 I attended as a guest of Celtic Hills band in their album Mistay Keltoy with the song Eden, written with Jonathan of which there is also the video on Youtube. I hope to be able to sing it live with them when they start the tour. 

Are you writing the lyrics and music by yourself or are others responsible for that. 

I always take care of the writing of the lyrics, I love to sing what I write and create a vocal line listening to the suggestions of my soul part. For the Noage project the part of the musical composition is the work of Jonathan Vanderbilt, together we are a nice team. 

Is there a message in your songs? 

Through my songs I always carry messages that come from elsewhere, my upper part speaks to me through my lyrics and when I write I’m connected to a higher state of consciousness, I want to bring people messages of hope that there is not only what we see but that there’s a parallel world whose key to access is feeling and whose door is our heart. 

When can we see and hear you in Holland?   

I hope that soon we can start doing live again and my dream is to do a European tour, I have never been to Holland and I would absolutely like to visit it and bring my music there. 

Are there things I didn’t ask but they are important for us to know? 

I think I’ve said everything but I’d like to close this interview first of all by thanking all of you and then leave you with a message: never count the time that passes, if  you have a desire kept in your child heart don’t leave it unheard because the voice of the soul has no age! 😊

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