KLIODNA, symphonic power metal from Belarus

KLIODNA is a symphonic power metal band from Belarus, formed in 2013 in Minsk. They released their first album ‘The Dark Site’ in 2016 and last year (2022) they released an new album called ‘Way Of Heroes’. For OnsNieuwsMusic the opportunity to find out more about this band and their music.


Natasha Senko – vocals

Vasily Silura – bass

Anton ‘Tony’ Soulles – guitars

Dmitry Tyumentsev – guitars

Pavel Tumanov – drums

(picture: presskit Kliodna)

This is the interview I had with the band.

It would be nice to introduce yourselves to the readers. So who are you, which instrument do you play, musical backgrounds etc.

Tony, guitar player/composer of Kliodna. Unfortunately, I don’t have musical education in its classical understanding. I studied some things by myself and of course a lot of practice in playing, composing and trying to understand music forms allow me to do some good things.

You call your music Symphonic Power metal. The band is established in 2013. Is there a difference in your music when the band started and now? And will you still call your music symphonic power metal?

Yes, I can call our music still symphonic power metal. And it is more symphonic power metal now than before. Because before it was quite difficult to outline the style borders. It was clear that this was more symphonic than anything else. And the music was more tragic and melancholic.

Are you fulltime musicians?

Yes, I am.

Are there bands who have influenced you and can we hear it in your music.

Of course, there are bands who influenced me. And obviously it is possible to find some part in any song and to say that this sounds like somebody else. But don’t hope it will be easy. As for me personally I can’t say that one or another song is copy of other band, no.

There are some patterns or cliché that many bands of one particular music style use in their songs. So, it is obviously that if the band call their music style like symphonic that you will hear cello or violin or string ensemble in their music. But this doesn’t mean that this is Epica or Nightwish.

As for specific bands I like… many. Many bands of contiguous styles.

(picture: presskit Kliodna)

You released just a new album. What can you tell about the album.

This is just a great album. It is adult work and there are no passing songs here, so-called fillers. The album itself is just a moving to a new step for us. From amateur to professional level. This can be felt in the sound, playing, and arrangements. We actually had quite a long break between releases. There were many different big and small reasons for this. But now I don’t want to talk about the bad. In fact, even some of the songs that previously could have been released on this album were discarded and new ones were composed.

By the way, they turned out great. So, this is a full-fledged and adult work in all respects. Moreover, all the songs are very cheerful and powerful, except, of course, Scream Of Silence.

How many tracks are on the new album?

There are not many tracks. Nine (9). And total time is about 45-46 minutes.

So, this is good because my own opinion is that more than 10 tracks in the album is quite many to understand and to remember whole album.

As for me personally it is quite difficult to remember what played on the 1st song when you listen 11th.


Can you tell us something about the music on the album?

Music on the album is quite powerful and absolutely melodic. I wouldn’t say that all the songs are in the same style, but most of them are. There are reach orchestral arrangements in some songs and even live recorded choir parts.

One of the features of this album is the singers that we invited and who participated in our songs. These are such grand masters as Fabio Lione and Ralf Scheepers, as well as our friends Alina Dzhezhora and Chris De Wolf.

And I can say with confidence that these duets turned out just great. All voices are in place. And there is no feeling that it is strained and sounds somehow not natural.

Is there a big difference between this album and your earlier releases.

The main difference is the voice. Almost all songs are singed not in operatic manner, but close to rock vocal. Except one song called “Scream of Silence”. This fantastic song which should be performed only in academical vocal style. This added more tragedy and depth to the song. And of course, the general mood of some positive, cheerfulness and desire to win always and every day. This is what most of the songs have in common.

It’s still not a concept album, but it still has a certain overall intention.

(picture: presskit Kliodna)

Who wrote the songs on the album (lyrics and music).

Most of the music is mine. I would say that almost all.
And I can’t say the same about the lyrics. There were 3 authors.
Alina Sass (4 songs), Luc Germain (3 songs), Ria April Avalon (2 songs).

This was our first cooperation with Ria and continuing successful cooperation with Alina and Luc.

 But all of them were able to accurately convey the thoughts, ideas and feelings that were conceived in each composition. Yes, sometimes we could re-make a half song and some of us were not very satisfied, but… in the end everything turned out as it should and sounds great.

Who did the artwork?

The artwork was created by fantastic man Giannis Nakos who also works with many famous metal bands. It is quite easy to find his artworks in the web.

Is there a message you will tell us with this album?

Yes. Sure. The main message is… Don’t think that in our time there are no more real heroes.

Each of us who helps others and protects the weak, who fights darkness in the name of life, who sacrifices in the name of freedom and truth, these are that real heroes that we sing about in our album.

And most importantly, each of us who falls, but gets up and goes on, takes a step forward towards his goal, is already a hero. Hero of your life.

Will there be a release party?

Very-very difficult question… At this time and in our region. If we are talking about some show-presentation or smth like this.

Where can people buy the album?

It is quite easy. By this link there are all necessary links.

There is a number of streaming services and link to the CD store.

(picture: presskit Kliodna)

What can you tell us about the metal scene in your country.

In our country, it has always been very difficult for those who wanted to achieve something in this genre. The genre is absolutely unpopular in our relatively small country, but not the smallest one, if we are talking about Europe, for example.

Yes, there is an audience and metal amateurs here, but this is absolutely not the amount that can fundamentally change something. Of course, we had and still have wonderful musical groups. And there are even a couple of really monsters of the domestic metal scene, which I also love.

The only thing that can bring success and some development to bands is going out of the geographical boundaries of our region and distribute their music there.

Is there a chance we will see you in Holland on day?

The only reason this might not happen is if we stop. But, you should know that we won’t stop.

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