FemME Battle 2023: ELUSION

Can you tell us something about the name of the band? What does it mean and who came up with it?

The word Elusion literally means; The art of escaping in a cunning way. For us, and I think for many people, writing, playing and listening to music is a way to escape from everything, You can really create your own universe where anything is possible.

Can you tell us something about the history of the band? When is it established, are all the bandmembers still the same as when the band started?

Elusion was born in 2015, but most of its members had been playing together in other musical projects in the past. Frederik (drums), Domingo (guitar) and Evy (vocals) are still the founding members.  We now recently have a new second guitarist Anton. We are very lucky that we haven’t had to deal with many line-up changes so far.

Please introduce us to the members of the band. Who are they and which instruments do they play? Do they have a musical background, etc. All the things you think are important or nice to know you can tell us.

Anton and Domingo play the guitars. Besides playing the guitar Domingo writes the music. For the new album, Domingo not only wrote the new songs, but also recorded and mixed them in his studio. Frederik is our drummer and also does a lot of the technical stuff, like programming the lightshow .

Who writes the songs? (lyrics and music).

When it comes to the music, Frederik helps with the orchestration. Evy, the singer writes the lyrics and the vocal melodies.  

Did you release some records so far?


And if the answer is yes can you tell something about them (year of release, tittle, songs).

2016: EP: Desert of Enticement

SONGS: Desert of Enticement, Façade, The Serpentine Trail

2019:  Album Singularity (our first full album, released through Art Gates Records)

SONGS: Choices and Chances, The Tales that Trees tell, The Strive, Lovelorn, In eternity, My War within, Reconcilliation of Opposites, Crystal Doubts, Anamnesis

2023: Album The Fundamental Paradox (release date 13 January)

SONGS: …In Love and War , Chiaroscuro, Acrimonious, Adversity, Science/Fiction, From the woods to the water, In Balance, Isochronism, Deafening Silence

Are you full time musicians or do you have other jobs also?

Unfortunately we are not able to live from our music, so we all have other jobs next to being musicians. Our  jobs are very diverse, working in healthcare, IT, public transportation, so no direct link to music.

How would you call your music?

Typically people call us symphonic metal and I think in the past this was true, but the new songs are much more guitar oriented. There is still some orchestration but it is not taking the lead anymore. So, yeah, I think we would call our music Melodic metal.

Are you influenced by other bands? And yes, which one(s)?

We try to create our own sound with Elusion, but I guess it’s only logical that there are some influences from other bands in our music. Maybe the influences are less obvious since our musical taste is so diverse. Any influences might be Soilwork, Leprous, Revamp,

What was your most cool gig so far?

There are a lot of shows that we really enjoyed playing, like opening for Xandria when they played two shows in Belgium. but maybe.. In 2019 we did a small tour in the UK. We were invited to play at a festival there. The audience was super enthusiastic and we had so much fun on stage that night.

Is there a band you want to go on tour with? And why this band?

I think we can name at least 20 bands we would like to go on tour with 😊 . One band that I only discovered recently is “Beyond the Black” . I really enjoy their music.

What do you think of FemME?

The concept is really nice, showing all these talented women in metal. This showcases that you find female musicians in all subgenres of metal and on all instruments. What is also great is the positive vibes even  during the preliminary “battles” There is so much support and friendship between the musicians.

Are you looking forward to come to the Finals?

Absolutely!  😊

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