Wanneer ik begin aan de review van het album “CONTINUUM” van de uit België afkomstige band CATHUBODUA besef ik me ineens dat deze band bovenaan mijn lijstje staat van bands gezien in 2019. En hoewel 2019m nog niet eens ten einde is heb ik ze al een 4-tal keren op het podium mogen aanschouwen. En... Lees verder →

Prime Creation Tears of Rage

“Tears of Rage” is the second album of the Swedish melodic heavy metal band Prime Creation. The album will be released on September 27th. Prima Creation is from Linköping (Sweden) and was formed in 2015. They released their first album, self-titled “Prime Creation” in 2016. Listening to the album “Tears of Rage” was not the... Lees verder →


  “The oldest classic rock band of Belgium” that’s what they say about Beyond the Labyrinth. The first question I ask myself is what do they mean by classic rock? I can imagine that every individual person has other thoughts about classic rock. The only way to find out is to listen to the band.... Lees verder →

Cyanide Paradise EP Reach For The Stars

The Dutch melodic death metal band ‘Cyanide Paradise’ released their first EP, “Reach For The Stars” at July 8 (2019).  The band is quite young and that’s why I ask frontwoman of the band  Linn to tell us something more about the band, and of course, the EP. So thank you Linn for answering my... Lees verder →

One For All (In Silence)

The Swedish band ‘In Silence’ released today (April 26) their EP ‘One For All’. ‘In Silence’ is a so called “female fronted band” from Karlstad (Sweden). The band was formed in 2016 and is known as a fresh, innovative band with melodic elements, powerful and heavy songs, as well as softer touches, resulting in a […]


Sometimes my job is not as easy as it looks. Listening to music and writing about it. So, it took me almost five times to listen to the third full length album “Fall. Rise. Conquer". , of the Swedish band ‘Zephyra’. And after these five times I really don’t know what’s more difficult, climbing Mouth... Lees verder →


The American/Belgium female fronted melodic metal band  ‘Hitherside’ is ready to release their second album “Blue Lotus”.  The band is based in Antwerp (Belgium). The band consists of vocalist and songwriter Jennifer (Summer) and songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Sam (Oerlemans). Jennifer and Sam began in late 2011 as a musical duo with ‘Hitherside’, as an... Lees verder →

DYADIC (by Alchemy)

DYADIC is the second studio album from the Italian melodic hard rock band Alchemy. After two years of hard work in the studio the album will be released on March 29 (2019). The album is a remarkable step ahead in the band’s artistic career. Let’s hear what frontman Marcello Spera has to say about the... Lees verder →

N.EX.U.S. ( by N.EX.U.S.)

N.EX.U.S is the first album of the Italian prog metal band N.EX.U.S. This debut album will be released on March 29 (2019). The band was formed in 2015 by Christian “Jeremy” Checchin and Fausto “Tex” Terassy, who shared their passion for music playing in various cover bands. They decided to take their artistic career on... Lees verder →

Over Wide Spaces – Concordea

‘Over Wide Spaces’ is the first full-length album released by the Russian band ‘Concordea’. This band describes their music as ‘balanced between power and progressive metal’. And that’s the kind of music you can hear on this album. They told me that they are influenced by bands as ‘Rhapsody’, ‘Sonata Arctica’, ‘Nightwish’ and ‘Dream Theatre’.... Lees verder →

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