Over Wide Spaces – Concordea

‘Over Wide Spaces’ is the first full-length album released by the Russian band ‘Concordea’. This band describes their music as ‘balanced between power and progressive metal’. And that’s the kind of music you can hear on this album. They told me that they are influenced by bands as ‘Rhapsody’, ‘Sonata Arctica’, ‘Nightwish’ and ‘Dream Theatre’.... Lees verder →

Days of Jupiter – Panoptical

The Swedish band ‘Days of Jupiter’ released their 4th full length album ‘Panoptical’ the 26th October. The album is recorded at the 'Leon Music Studios’ and released by ‘Metalville Records’ . And managed by ‘Kingart Music Management’. So far the official dates. Let’s see what I can tell you about this new album. I have... Lees verder →


A few mouths ago the Canadian metal band 'Monogost’ released their first album 'Fools Gold' (EP). For me the opportunity to discover how Canadian metal sounds. Because when we hear about new  (metal) bands we always think that they are from Europe, but Canada has also a very nice metal scene. Bands like Annihilator, Devin... Lees verder →

The Gale – Coldbound

You got mail! One morning I woke up and I did what I do every morning. I looked in the mail just to see if there are important things which I have to read before I go to work. That morning I saw a message from Pauli Souka. I didn’t know the name so I... Lees verder →

Album “Follow the Cipher”

Follow the Cipher is the first, self-titled,  album of the Swedish band Follow the Cipher. The release of the album was 11th of May. The 5 band members released 11 tracks on this album. And before releasing a few of them were already available, so the public had the opportunity to listen and “made up... Lees verder →

Album review “Queen of Light” van REXORIA

Toevallig Soms loop je toevallig tegen iets nieuws aan. Zo was dat het geval met het album “Queen of Light” van de Zweedse band REXORIA. Toevalligerwijs hoorde ik het nummer “Run for your life” en was direct getriggerd. Beetje googelen en een week later lag het album op de speler. Eerste echt volledige album “Queen... Lees verder →

‘Sign of the Dragonhead’ – Leaves’ Eyes

  Leaves’ Eyes – ‘Sign of the Dragonhead’ Op 12 januari kwam het album “Sign of the Dragonhead” van Leaves’ Eyes op de markt. De band is op dit moment onderweg met hun “Sign of the Deagonhead wereldtour”, en doet op 27 april ook Nederland aan (Doornroosje Nijmegen). Tijd voor Artiestennieuws om het nieuwe album... Lees verder →

APEX het sprookje van Unleash the Archers

De Canadese (power) metalband Unleash the Archers heeft met het laatste album, Apex, een flinke stap voorwaarts gemaakt.     Unleash The Archers verovert wereld met APEX De uit 5 leden bestaande band Unleash The Archers werd tien jaar geleden opgericht en genoot tot voor kort vooral bekendheid in thuisland Canada en de Verenigde Staten. Sinds de... Lees verder →

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