Blackdraft FemME 2020

  Blackdraft is a metal band from Germany (Hamburg).  They play “straight metal” as they say. Maybe it’s a kind of metal you never heard of but when you look them up and listen to their music, I think you will understand what they mean by “straight metal” .It’s everything from hard-rock to death metal.... Lees verder →

Queen of Spades FemME 2020

Queen of Spades is a Dutch hard-rock band. The band is very new (established in 2019) so it will be a big surprice for us to see this new band on stage at FemME. But it’s what FemME is all about I think. There is always room for new talent. But maybe some of the... Lees verder →

X-Tinxion FemME 2020

X-Tinxion is a trash metal band from the Netherlands. X-Tinxion is a thrash metal formation with its own, distinctive sound. While primarily a thrash band, X-Tinxion incorporates influences from other genres, blending fast, old-school thrash metal riffs with melodic passages to create something truly unique. Edgy solos, bold drum work, and a tight, on-stage performance... Lees verder →

Ardours FemME 2020

  Ardours is an alternative gothic metal band. The band is made up of the two main composers and producers of the project, in addition to external lyric writer and recording musician. The band is: Mariangela Demurtas – vocals Kris Laurent – guitars, bass, synth Mariangela Demurtas and Kris Laurent have known each other... Lees verder →

Phantom Elite FemME 2020

Phantom Elite is a Dutch/Brazilian band. Their musical genre can be described as progressive/symphonic/heavy metal. Founded by Sander Gommans (After Forever) and Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden and Avantasia live), a band with young musicians got together 3 years ago with the purpose of playing Gomman’s HDK project for the first time live on stages.... Lees verder →

Penumbra FemME 2020

Penumbra is a Gothic metal band from France (Paris) formed in 1996. Their music is characterized with a classical mixture of female and male voices. Gregorian chants, bagpipes and other unconventional elements. Realizing that the visual aspect of Penumbra’s shows plays a very important role, its shows are completed by theatrical effects like costumes, masks,... Lees verder →

Finding Kate FemME 2020

“Finding Kate” is the stage name of Kate Pavli. “Finding Kate” is an alternative/rock solo artist based in London. Hailing all the way from Australia and Cyprus, this rocker proves she is a force to be reckoned with. Her powerful vocals, melodic songs and dark music separate her from the crowd. Since the release of... Lees verder →

Ascend The Hollow FemME 2020

Ascend the Hollow is female-fronted cyber metal band which is European-based. Their music is powered by 9-strings guitars, 6 string bass and modern electronic soundscapes. Topped off with a divers mix of growls, screams and a melancholic, pure voice, Ascend the Hollow combine their eclectic influences to produce a powerful, aggressive yet melodic, haunting and... Lees verder →

Eight Lives Down FemME 2020

Eight Lives Down is a band we already know and not new for FemME. The are the winners (by jury) of the ‘German’ FemME Battle’ and so we saw them last year also in the finals of the FemME Battles in Hilvarenbeek. And now we will see them again.     The band is established... Lees verder →

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