Ann my Guard

History The band Ann my Guard is established in 2007 and comes from Hungary. The band was formed by frontwoman Eszter Anna Baumann. It was a bit of a struggle the first years but in 2010 they released an EP which gave them some popularity in their homeland. When they released their first full length... Lees verder →


Introduction When I saw the poster of the ‘Female Metal Voices Tour 2018’ I knew one thing for sure, I will go there. So I bought me a ticket. I had the choice to see them at Willemeen (Arnhem) or Biebob (Vosselaar). And because I already planned another concert the day they are in Arnhem... Lees verder →

Shades of Sorrow

Introduction When we talk about Canada in our small country we always think about the great nature, the enormous distances between places, the Dutch people who moved there just after world war two and the cold in winter. But we don’t talk much about Canadian metal music. Is it unknown? Maybe, but band as Nickelback,... Lees verder →


Intro Energetic power metal! Thats wat Seraphiel will bring to you. Nitte Valo ( ex Battle Beast) and the other bandmembers know what that means. Raw vocals, powerfull drums and guitars with a melodic touch from the keyboard. A musicwar is coming. Do you surrender?   History Seraphiel was founded in 2006. The name Seraphiel... Lees verder →


Intro Always searching for new music and new bands. And so one day I saw a band called HEXED on YouTube. I had never heard of them before but when I saw they came from Sweden I knew it must be alright. I sometimes think that everything that comes from Sweden must be alright (talking... Lees verder →

Solitude Within

Intro Solitude Within is a Belgium female fronted band. They bring you classical music with a touch of rock. The melodic female voice combined with melodies, their choruses, drums and guitar are giving you symphonic rock. With multiple gimmicks on stage such as candles, they create a fairytale vibe performance.   History The band Solitude... Lees verder →

Mir zur Feier

Intro Mir zur Feier, named after a poetry collection from Rainer Maria Rilke, is a German death metal band. They bring their lyrics inspired by those poems with hard metal riffs, a lot of energy and power on stage. Mara as frontwomen knows how to touch you with her intensive growls and performance. This band... Lees verder →


Intro Setheist, female fronted melodic metal from Poland. Its unpredictable with ear-catching melodies. Clean vocals that turn into screams and growls, supported by progressive riffs and aggressive drumming. Its not only nice to listen, but nice to watch to. As they are very expressive on stage. They bring you straight into a party mode History... Lees verder →

Sounds of September

Sounds of September is an alternative rock band from Tallinn, Estonia. The band existed now for almost four year. The band started in 2014, as a band that was writing rock music in Estonian. They started with  a male singer and in time  it turned out to be a rather alternative rock band with a... Lees verder →


Memoremains is a band from Finland. And yes we already know that Finland has the most metal bands of all the countries in the world. So is this again a common heavy metal band? Let’s just ask the members of MEMOREMAINS. (Memoremains): No we are not a heavy metal band, you can call us a... Lees verder →

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