Beyond The Labyrinth – Geert Fieuw

Ik ben altijd benieuwd naar het ‘verhaal’ achter de naam van de band. Hoe zit dat bij jullie? Beyond The Labyrinth is een niet alledaagse naam, dus altijd benieuwd hoe die is ontstaan.Muziek is de ontsnapping uit ons dagelijks doolhof. Net als Daedalus kunnen we dank zij muziek de muren van dat labyrinth overstijgen en... Lees verder →

Metal Factory

Always looking and searching for new bands and new music. And I can tell you, there’s a lot to discover and to enjoy. Last year Metal Factory was one of the bands which I heard for the first time and it was love at first side. I already introduced some of their music on my... Lees verder →


First of all, can you introduce the band members. Who are they, instruments, musical backgrounds etc. On guitar – Serhiy Panchenko: Able to masterfully pronounce a terrifying phrase: “I got an idea”. Organizational processes are on his conscience too. On keys – Anna Apolyarova-Galchenko: The voice of conscience and common sense. The main melody maker. On drums... Lees verder →

Germana Noage

First of all, can you introduce yourself? Who are you and where you from?  I was born and still live in Rome, Italy, although I want to point out that I have Sicilian origins. I’m very attached to my land and its culture and when I can I take a plane and go to breathe the air of citrus and sea. I was about five years old when I used to sing in my mom’s kitchen, I used a wooden microphone that was actually the pestle that my mother used to crush garlic. I have an innate passion for music, my maternal grandfather was a tango dancer and everyone in the family played an instrument.  Do you have a musical background?  My first band when I was fifteen, we played eighties rock covers. I tried my hand at various genres, from pop to blues, from rock to smooth dance music. But it’s with my last former band Aetherna that I debuted for the... Lees verder →


Huri Hau is a progressive metal band with movie soundtrack influences created by Sebastián Sandoval. Their debut EP is called Radical Dreamers which has 6 songs telling the story of Ameyalli, who is a girl who lives in the fantasy town inspired by the towns of Veracruz, called ‘Huri Hau’. Deciding to go to study... Lees verder →

Light By The Sea

With already a few video’s released and a first album on the way (release October 22th) it’s time to find out more about Light By The Sea. So I asked Anna and Davy to tell us more about the band and the upcoming album “Only Death Makes Icons”. Please introduce yourself. Who are you, musical... Lees verder →

Liza Kay (Mageia)

(logo by Karmazid) Can you introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from etc? I'm an Austrian singer/songwriter and I have been into music since I'm 6 years old. In my teens I got my first electric guitar and from there I got more into music like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.  Besides my... Lees verder →

Shattered Vessels

With a debut single and video on the way, ‘Portrait Of Us’, release September 24th, OnsNieuwsMusic is always curious about the story behind the band and the music. And I was so lucky to do an interview with this symphonic metal band from Mexico City! First of all, can you introduce yourselves? “Shattered Vessels” is... Lees verder →

Edge Of Paradise

A few weeks ago I already told you about Edge Of Paradise. The just released their latest single and there was news about the new album ‘THE UNKNOWN’. This new album will be released on September 17th. For ‘’Ons Nieuws Music” reasons enough to ask the band more about this upcoming album. The lead singer... Lees verder →


The Finnish Oulu-based female fronted hard rock band Lost Division is set to release their debut album ‘Cuts And Scars’ on May 28th 2021 via Inverse Records. Their first single 'The Queen' from the album is already released. So it’s time to introduce you to the band and let’s find out some more about the album! And... Lees verder →

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