The groove death metal band Chugger is releasing a brand new album soon. So just before releasing ‘Of Man And machine’ I had the opportunity to ask the band some questions about their new album and how the band is doing. So thank you very much  Lars “Larza” Skjuttorp for being so kind to answer... Lees verder →

Evelin Szilagyi (English)

Sometimes you go to a concert and you think “what a talent is there on stage”. And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the band Enter The Void. The young lady on stage did great and when I saw and heard her again at the FemME Metal Event, I knew it for sure,... Lees verder →

Evelin Szilagyi (nederlands)

Soms heb je zoiets van “wow wat een talent”! Je hoort iemand zingen en ziet een gave show op het podium. Dat gevoel had ik toen ik de band Enter The Void zag optreden in POPEI Eindhoven. Vaak blijft het daarbij maar toen ik net voor het FemME Metal Event hoorde dat deze jongedame op... Lees verder →


Luna Kills is energy filled, hard hitting rock band from Finland. The band first released their debut album ''Before the Satellites'' without a label in November of 2018, but they were signed to King2Music Records, so they re-released the album via the record label in November 29th 2019. And I had the opportunity to interview... Lees verder →


Making an album with 13 tracks on it, and releasing every month a track, that’s what the Swedish band VNTER is going to do. A very special project I think, so I took the opportune to ask them all about it. And Andy is the one who is giving me the answers to the questions,... Lees verder →

Walking Rumor Do or Die

“Do or Die” is the latest single ( released Juni 1 )of the Danish  band ‘Walking Rumor’. For me the opportunity to ask the band members some questions and to find out something more about the band and metal music in Denmark. I know a lot about Denmark but not about the music in that... Lees verder →


The Swedish band ‘Egonaut’ releases today (may 24th) their latest single called “Omens”. If you want to know all about this band just read the interview I had with the boys. First of all thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to ask you some questions! I think the band ‘Egonaut’is a new... Lees verder →


Most of the time I write about bands from Europe. But now I have the opportunity to write about a band from South America, Chile. A country which is complete new for me when we are talking about metal music. So let’s find about it. The band ‘Imperium of Vanity’ will tell us all about... Lees verder →


We can find metal bands all over the world and not only in the Northern part of Europe. This time I had the opportunity to talk with a band from Switzerland. So thank you ‘INFINITAS’ for answering the questions! Read everything about Medieval history, back-front-changers,  backjoiners and wild ones.  The band is called ‘INFINITAS’. Can... Lees verder →

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