Corrosive Sweden Devil of Mine

Swedish Heavy Metal band Corrosive Sweden recently released their latest single “Devil of Mine”. Corrosive Sweden was formed in 1997 and have since then released a number of albums and performed at numerous clubs and festivals, mainly in Sweden.They have had the opportunity to play with huge bands such as The Hellacopters, Amaranthe, Engel, Dead... Lees verder →

Battering Ram Pieces

Battering Ram released highly anticipated new single “Pieces”! Pieces delivers all that fans love from the signature Battering Ram sounds and more!Powerful vocals, heavy guitars, relentless drums and bass.This is the second single since their self titled, critically acclaimed 2020 album.’’Rage’’ (August 21st) was the first single to be released after Battering Ram’s debut album... Lees verder →


For those who love (metal) music! August 22nd, a hard rock event known as Nox Rocks will take place in support of all the artists and crew responsible for making the event possible. The Swedish hard rock elite will participate during a four hour long concert, including; Candlemass, Thundermother, Scarlet, Easy Action, as well as an allstar band (NOX Kings), featuring; Pontus Norgren... Lees verder →

First Revival “SEVEN”

A few months ago (March 2020) I told you about First Revival and their EP ‘Remember Me’. This album was a re-release from the older one ‘Hope Has Us Blinded’. The re-release of the EP was a new fresh start for this band as guitar player Simone Stålnacke us. Making a new fresh start and... Lees verder →

MuSIC4Care Heroes of Another Kind

Het zou zomaar de titel kunnen zijn van een nieuwe band en hun eerste album. En misschien schuilt daar ook wel een kleine vorm van waarheid in. Maar daarbij moet ik dan wel direct aantekenen dat de band al uit meer dan 30.000 leden bestaat en nog steeds groeiende is. Een 2-tal weken geleden werd... Lees verder →

Queen of Spades FemME 2020

Queen of Spades is a Dutch hard-rock band. The band is very new (established in 2019) so it will be a big surprice for us to see this new band on stage at FemME. But it’s what FemME is all about I think. There is always room for new talent. But maybe some of the... Lees verder →


Last Thursday (December 12) I introduced you the fourth band member. Not by name, but maybe some of you already know who he is, because of the answers. Today you will find out who this band member is. And he already told us he’s the drummer. So let me introduce you: Alfred Fridhagen These were... Lees verder →


VENGEANT is a brand new progressive symphonic metal band. Brand new, established November 17th 2019.  And they are inspired by the lore of Magic: The Gathering. And I can tell you the band has only experienced musicians. Who they are? We will introduce them one by one. I had the opportunity to ask them some questions, so they can... Lees verder →

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