Last Thursday (November 20) I introduced you the new band Vengeant. And I introduced you the first band member. Not by name, but maybe some of you know already who he is, because of the answers he gave to the questions. Today you will find out who he is. He already told us that he... Lees verder →

Blood Region Warrior Heart

Finnish Blood Region released a new single and music video for a brand new track Warrior Heart. At the same time they announce a new singer Annika Jalkanen. Guitarist Mika: "Warrior Heart is definately best from Blood Region music. With elements from Tales of the Backwoods album and new musical themes it offers amazing listening experience.  Annika's voice gave a lot of fresh... Lees verder →


A few days ago I told you there will be great news for all those who love metal music. A little bit mystic maybe, but now I can tell you more about it. VENGEANT is a brand new progressive symphonic metal band. Brand new, established November 17th 2019.  And they are inspired by the lore... Lees verder →

EGERIA As Night Falls

“As Night Falls” is het tweede album van de symfonische metal band EGERIA. Het album is de opvolger van het in 2017 uitgebrachte album “Requiem Of Shadows”. En geen beter moment om dit album uit te brengen. “As Night Falls”  komt uit op het moment dat de dagen echt korter zijn geworden en we vroeg... Lees verder →

VNTER This Empty Space

New singel ’’This Empty Space’’ – Out now! VNTER is coming.. A new album with thirteen songs has been recorded at Soundport studio with Mikael Andersson as engineer/producer. The plan is to release one song a month for thirteen months, that way VNTER is constantly up to date with new music for one year straight.... Lees verder →

Koen Herfst LEO

Every song tells a story. But sometimes a whole record tells us a story. A story straight for from the heart of the composer. And one of these record is ‘LEO’, the second solo album of the Dutch drummer and composer Koen Herfst. Koen is one of the most famous drummers I know. He already... Lees verder →

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