The year 2018

The year 2018 comes to an end. And for me the right moment to look back and see what I’ve done. It’s the first whole year I’ve been writing about music. Writing on three different platforms: My website On FB Ons Nieuws Music Artiesten Nieuws Website On my website I wrote 100 articles and... Lees verder →


It must have been about one year ago that I wrote an article about the Italian band ‘Secret Rule’. I found them on YouTube and I liked their music a lot. I found out that they had a gig in Vosselaar (Belgium) so for me the opportunity to hear them live. This year I already... Lees verder →

Living the Dream – Uriah Heep

A long time ago when I started to like heavy metal there were two bands I liked most. Of course there was Deep Purple and…..Uriah Heep. And the first album I bought was ‘Uriah Heep Live’. It was something complete different then 'Deep Purple'. 'Uriah Heep' was the band with the typical ‘Heep Sound’. When they... Lees verder →

Writing about music!

I promised you to tell why I’m doing this. And by doing this I mean writing about music, most about heavy music and also writing about bands which are not world-famous (yet). And of course some other things which have to do with music. Music has always be something I followed with great interest, so... Lees verder →

Duty Calls

I posted today a cover of the track "Sound of Silence" song by Duty Calls. It was for me an incredible nice version of that song (and not only for me!). But let's find out something more about Duty Calls. Who are they? Duty Calls is the project of two hard working young musicians, Kelly... Lees verder →

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