Anger Overdose

Anger Overdose is a B-Movie Industrial Prog Metal band fronted by the notorious Rob Zörn and guitarist Brodie Überdosis. The roots of Anger Overdose start with the death, and resurrection of Zorn, who founded a traveling circus of killers and crazies alike, touring the country in search of souls to keep his voices controlled. Zombie... Lees verder →

Mother Mersey Girl With Ocean Eyes

The Swedish blues/rock band Mother Mersey was established in 2015 and since that time they spread the gospel of modern time rock ‘n roll. With groove, playfulness, expressive vocals and harmonies they create a sound related to bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Rival Sons with their own, unique modern touch. With their latest single... Lees verder →

Scarlet Desire Cry for your name

“Cry For Your Name” is the first single by the Finnish-Greek symphonic metal band Scarlet Desire. The band was founded by Esa Mikkola and Danae Komodromou in 2014 in London (UK). Danae, having studied piano and opera singing for more than 19 years, is an educated classical soprano and great composer. She has a Bachelor's... Lees verder →

Velvet Insane A Brand New Start

The Swedish rock duo Velvet Insane releases on December 13th  their new single “A Brand New Start”. Before releasing the single I had the opportunity to ask Jesper  Lindgren and Bruce Kulick a few questions. This is what they have to say about the new single: “This song is made for everyone. Everyone can feel... Lees verder →

VNTER Felice

  November 29,  Swedish Arena-Rock band VNTER release their new single called ''Felice''. VNTER has released five singles this year and now ''Felice'' is here to steal the spotlight. VNTER was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in November 2017. Since then, VNTER has released two singles which lead to a handful of radio shows, magazine interviews,... Lees verder →


The German symphonic melodic metal band Nevaria released their first full lenght album "Finally Free".  The 11 tracks on the album are really awesome and a must for every symphonic metal fan. Nevaria created her own sound and that makes this album really special. Nevaria is: Tanja Schneider - vocals Markus Spiethaler - keyboards and... Lees verder →


Segmentia is a Finnish pop metal act founded April 2019 at city of Seinäjoki. Now they have released their first EP “Shanghai”! The releases consists of six nuanced tracks that are packed with strong melodies, skilfull musicianship and vocals that create the recognizable sound of Segmentia. Segmentia: Laura Morgan -Vocals Arttu Vainiola -Guitars Sami Lust -Bass... Lees verder →

Walking Rumor Leave Nothing Behind

Walking Rumor, heavy rock band from Denmark introduces now their newest single “Leave Nothing Behind” from their coming album “Symbiosis”, which is dated to be fully released next year. “Leave Nothing Behind” shows the bands understanding of the inner demons their audience might be fighting by sharing an honest take of their own experience. This... Lees verder →

Redwolves Rigid Generation

The Danish band Redwolves released a new song, “Rigid Generation”, from the new album “Future Becomes Past”. The band formed in 2012 and found a musical community in their common affinity for the classic heavy rock and the 00’s new wave of Scandinavian rock. The band describes their music as “modern classic heavy rock” or... Lees verder →

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