Battering Ram Chase The Fire

The Swedish hard rock band Battering Ram released a new single “Chase the Fire”. Battering Ram is was formed in the autumn of 2017. They’ve been playing on different venues from Varberg in the south to Kiruna in the North. Their sound has been compared with Corroded, Mustasch and among others. They have released six... Lees verder →

Project Renegade Liber8

  On September 28 the Greek alternative metal band Project Renegade released their newest video called “Liber8”. The track is from the upcoming full length album “Order Of The Minus”, which we be released October 31. The band from Athens (Greece) was founded by Marianna and Ody. They released an EP “Cereba” in 2017. And... Lees verder →

REDWOLVES Future Becomes Past

March 15th has seen Copenhagen based Heavy Psych Rockers REDWOLVES release their hotly anticipated debut album, “Future Becomes Past” on Argonauta  Records. Moving between modern Rock n Roll, intelligent vocals, heavy grooves and finest guitar licks, REDWOLVES manage to combine the classic Scandinavian sound with a fresh approach. The band formed in 2012 and found a... Lees verder →

The Price A Second Chance To Rise

‘A Second Chance To Rise’ (release datum 16 augustus) is het eerste album van ‘The Price’. Deze band, opgericht door Marco Barusso (ex ‘Heavy Metal Kids’ en ‘Cayne’) bestaat verder uit Guido Carli (drums), Axel Capurro (vocals en gitaar) en Claudio Sannoner (bas). Verder werkt nog een groot aantal gasten mee aan dit album. Het... Lees verder →

Concordea Soul Technology

The Russin band 'Concordea' releaesed a new single called 'Soul Technology'. The single contains three moods. This is what they say about the new single: ‘Soul Technology’ drums remind me of the train wheel clicking and all the track is like a train heading for the future! Meanwhile guitar based ‘Portrait’ feels like a Russian rock... Lees verder →

MARYAN Like a Dragonfly

Sometimes you just have to listen to a song only one time and you fall in love with it. The rock vocalist Maryan released her first single 'Like a Dragonfly'. The official release date of the album will be announced the forthcoming months. I let you know when it's ready. But for now please listen to 'Like... Lees verder →

In Silence The Worst Liar

The Swedish band 'In Silence' released today (may 24th) their newest single, called "The Worst Liar". 'In Silence' is a female fronted modern melodic metal band from Karlstad, Sweden. Since forming in 2016, the band has climbed the Swedish metal scene with the reputation of being a fresh, innovative band with melodic elements, powerful and heavy songs,... Lees verder →

Afire (new video)

The hardrock/heavy metal band 'Afire' releases a new video called "The One To Take The fall". It's from their 2018 debut album "On The Road From Nowhere". 'Afire' : Suvi Hiltunen (vocals) Antti Leiviskä (guitar) Sami Kukkohovi (guitar) Harri Halonen (bass) Tarmo Kanerva (drums) The band from Northern Finland features members from well known Finnish metal... Lees verder →

Ancient Bards headliner FemME 2019

This year the Italien band 'Ancient Bards'  will be the headliner for the "FemME Metal Event 2019". And the singer of the band, Sara Squadrani, will be the face of the event. Maybe you've seen the announcement already (on the poster) but is the band new for you. So Let's see if I can tell something more about... Lees verder →

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