New releases week 19

Again a few new releases, this time from 'Blackwater Commotion'  and 'Black Dreams'. Blackwater Commotion This classic heavy metal band from Finland releases their new full lenght album at May 10th. The new album, 'Strike One' has 9 tracks. Blackwater Commotion: Henkka Hako-Rita (vocals), Toni Saari (guitars & backing vocals), Ilkka Uusitalo (guitars), Perttu Tahtela (drums) and Mika Tikka (bass). ... Lees verder →


Maeskyyrn is an anti human black metal band from Montreal (Canada). Bandmembers: Saemiaza: composition and lead guitars Noctis: rhythm guitar Harsligoth: lyricist and vocalist Nick: drums This is what they have to say about themselves: We are Mæskyyrn. We encourage the elevation of the human being as an individual through the different struggles we experience... Lees verder →

Vinide and Wolfhorde

(Inverse Records Press Release) Vinide and Wolfhorde released new music videos Vinide The Finnish symphonic metal band Vinide released a new music video "Reveal"  from their eponymous concept album which was released last year. ”Reveal” is a science fiction story about a large information technology company OMEGA’s former employee who finds himself locked in a mental asylum... Lees verder →

Jo Below – Pleasure

New from Helsinki (Finland) is the band 'Jo Below'. They released their first single called 'Pleasure'. The group combines classic hard rock sounds with modern influences, and are currently working on their debut album, due out in early 2019. Jo Below: Johanna Kari - vocals Roni Seppanen - guitars Jonne Lindqvist - bass Olli Vartiainen... Lees verder →

Tips from Austria

It's always nice when people give me some tips about music. And every tip is welcome. So this time I talked with a friend from Austria about music in that country. And it's in Austria the same as in Holland when we talk about metal. This kind of music is not on the radio. First... Lees verder →


Music from the East I call it. But not the far East. It's music from Ukraine. The band started in 2013 under the name Parallax and changed it in 2015 in IGNEA. You can see this band live the 20th Oktober in Arnhem and the 21th Oktober in Vosselaere (Belgium).

For Evigt Volbeat (promo)

Music right from the heart, no nonsens musicians, awesome audience and every gig is a party.   I'm talking about For Evigt Volbeat. I was so lucky to see them already five times and I call them friends. Friends because they are lovely people (band and crew), friends because they do what I like most... Lees verder →


The debut album "Higher&Higher" of the Swedish band Heartwind is released the 27 th of April. The band plays "classical melodic hardrock" Heartwind is: Lars Nygren - vocals Carl Berglund - guitar and keyboard Jonas Nordqvist - guitar Jan Skarming - bass Patrik Dahlen - drums   You can listen to the title track of... Lees verder →

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