Expositie over 40 jaar BAROEG

Het oudste poppodium van Rotterdam bestaat 40 jaar in 2021. Een mooie aanleiding voor een expositie bij galerie & erfgoedlab DIG IT UP. Met talloze affiches, posters, setlists en heel veel archiefmateriaal wordt het verhaal verteld van deze legendarische plek op Zuid. Baroeg is het enige Nederlandse podium dat al decennia lang een structureel aanbod... Lees verder →

Edge Of Paradise The Unknown

While Edge Of Paradise puts the finishing touches on their fourth coming studio album, “The Unknown,” which is due out this fall, the band has released a new single and music video, ‘Digital Paradise.’ The song and video serve as a prelude of what to expect from the band’s upcoming opus, which sees them having... Lees verder →

Dream Ocean The Missing Stone

Dream Ocean is a symphonic metal band found in Turkey and moved and based in Germany. In 2018they released their debut album “Lost Love Symphony”. And now, three years later, they are working on their second album “The Missing Stone”. This time the band decided to continue their way as an independent band. With their... Lees verder →

Spice, Gold and Tales Untold Ana Patan

Maybe you can remember it, a few years ago I had a long interview with the lovely Ana Patan. We talked about her life as a musician, her music and her songs. I still remember we talked about her album she was working on. I discovered a serious and concerned musician, but also a funny... Lees verder →

Vengeant “The Unreal”

Progressive, Symphonic Metal band Vengeant released their new single, “The Unreal”! “The Unreal” displays another dimension to the Vengeant sound with prog elements and new harmonies on top of the already established powerful and versatile female vocals, technical guitar and drums, backed up by a landscape of cinematic orchestrations! Artwork by @sanjinhalimic Vengeant is: Danae... Lees verder →

Save The Noize!

Save The Noize is a charity project started by the glam rock band Velvet Insane and Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund (Hårdrock - För Fan! - Podcast, Veritas).  The project is in benefit of the “Musikerförbundets” crisis foundation and involves some of the biggest nordic artists within the genre of rock & hardrock, coming together to record a song... Lees verder →


Innersphere is a melodic death metal band with elements of doom metal established in Pilsen, Czech Republic in fall of 2015. The band has been active since the early days - mostly played across central Europe and Balkans. The band got many positive reviews after releasing the first full length album ‘Amnesia’ in 2018, when... Lees verder →

Northern Redemption

Heavy metal from the North. How many time did I write about it? I don’t even remember how many bands I’ve presented you from the Northern European countries. And I can tell you that I’ve found another one, Northern Redemption. Northern Redemption, an ‘old school’ heavy metal band is from Sweden and founded by Thomas... Lees verder →

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