MuSIC4Care Heroes of Another Kind

Het zou zomaar de titel kunnen zijn van een nieuwe band en hun eerste album. En misschien schuilt daar ook wel een kleine vorm van waarheid in. Maar daarbij moet ik dan wel direct aantekenen dat de band al uit meer dan 30.000 leden bestaat en nog steeds groeiende is. Een 2-tal weken geleden werd... Lees verder →


On May 13th, Swedish metalcore band Leading Light released their new single and music video ''It hurts''. Ons Nieuws Music got interested and had the opportunity to interview the band. “So thank you for the opportunity to ask you some questions. It’s always nice to find out something more about a band. Feel free to... Lees verder →


  When I say Walking Rumor, most of my readers will recognize them immediately. I told you before about this band and I showed you some of there music. And at the 10th of April they released there new album ‘Symbiosis’. Walking Rumor is an alternative nu-metal band from Odense, Denmark. They got established back... Lees verder →


The groove death metal band Chugger is releasing a brand new album soon. So just before releasing ‘Of Man And machine’ I had the opportunity to ask the band some questions about their new album and how the band is doing. So thank you very much  Lars “Larza” Skjuttorp for being so kind to answer... Lees verder →

First Revival Remember Me

Exactly one year ago I introduced you the Swedish band First Revival. The band from the north of Sweden told us about the difference between the metal scene in the North and the South of Sweden. And they also told us about their EP ‘Hope Has Us Blinded’ (2017). Now one year later they are... Lees verder →

Kalidia FemME 2020

Kalidia is an Italian melodic power metal band from Italy. The band was formed in 2010. Inspired by classic power bands like Rhapsody of Fire, Hammerfall and Stratovarius as well as new bands like Beast in Black They have created an uplifting melodic power metal album with the roots in classic power metal with a... Lees verder →

Dream Ocean FemME 2020

Dream Ocean is a Turkish/German symphonic metal band. Dream Ocean was formed by the guitarist Oz Khan and mezzo-soprano Başak Ylva on vocals in Istanbul- Turkey. The band is harmonizing the power metal and the opera with the symphonic elements in a modern way. Inspired by many different genres, Dream Ocean is coming forward with... Lees verder →

Glasya FemME 2020

Glasya is a symphonic metal band from Portugal. Glasya, a symphonic metal band featuring 6 members that have a variety of influences and styles in their backgrounds, originated a sound with a wide range, from classic to ethnic to the more powerful metal riffs. Project took off composition and pre-production of the original songs while... Lees verder →

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