Anger Overdose

Anger Overdose is a B-Movie Industrial Prog Metal band fronted by the notorious Rob Zörn and guitarist Brodie Überdosis. The roots of Anger Overdose start with the death, and resurrection of Zorn, who founded a traveling circus of killers and crazies alike, touring the country in search of souls to keep his voices controlled. Zombie... Lees verder →

Blessed by Iron

Something new is coming our way. That’s what this band tells us. And that makes me curious. Blessed by Iron is the name of the band. And they are from Piteå, a city in the northern parts of Sweden. (Photo Credits: Peter Rydström) But is it all brand new? Maybe you already know one of... Lees verder →

Light By The Sea

With already a few video’s released and a first album on the way (release October 22th) it’s time to find out more about Light By The Sea. So I asked Anna and Davy to tell us more about the band and the upcoming album “Only Death Makes Icons”. Please introduce yourself. Who are you, musical... Lees verder →

Releaseshow Brave the Storm MANORA

De Nederlandse female fronted symfonische metalband MANORA presenteert op zaterdag 30 oktober hun nieuwe album “BRAVE THE STORM”. Zij doen dit live in Gebr. de Nobel in Leiden. De band heeft de afgelopen tijd hard gewerkt aan de realisatie van hun nieuwe album. Al eerder verscheen het nummer “WIRED TO OBEY” dat ook terug te... Lees verder →

Liza Kay (Mageia)

(logo by Karmazid) Can you introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from etc? I'm an Austrian singer/songwriter and I have been into music since I'm 6 years old. In my teens I got my first electric guitar and from there I got more into music like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.  Besides my... Lees verder →

MAGEIA releases The Rose

MAGEIA releases their new song “The Rose”. MAGEIA is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Liza Kay and was founded in 2019. The music can be described  as female-fronted progressive rock with a blend of different styles & influences from folk to neo-classical to oriental. The band's song “The Rose”is meant to complete the spiritual journey of... Lees verder →

Shattered Vessels

With a debut single and video on the way, ‘Portrait Of Us’, release September 24th, OnsNieuwsMusic is always curious about the story behind the band and the music. And I was so lucky to do an interview with this symphonic metal band from Mexico City! First of all, can you introduce yourselves? “Shattered Vessels” is... Lees verder →

Edge Of Paradise

A few weeks ago I already told you about Edge Of Paradise. The just released their latest single and there was news about the new album ‘THE UNKNOWN’. This new album will be released on September 17th. For ‘’Ons Nieuws Music” reasons enough to ask the band more about this upcoming album. The lead singer... Lees verder →

KREEKROCK 2021 (29 augustus)

Zaterdag 28 augustus is het dan weer zo ver! KREEKROCK 2021. Opnieuw is het Zeeuwse Westdorpe ‘The Place To Be’. Het festivalterrein aan de ‘Chillsoos’ staat weer borg voor een stevige pot metal. En wie wil dat nu niet na bijna anderhalf jaar afwachten. Tijdens dit festival kunt u genieten van een groot aantal bands... Lees verder →

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