For Evigt Volbeat (promo)

Music right from the heart, no nonsens musicians, awesome audience and every gig is a party.



I’m talking about For Evigt Volbeat. I was so lucky to see them already five times and I call them friends. Friends because they are lovely people (band and crew), friends because they do what I like most about music. Just playing because they like it and they want to share it with their audience. No nonsens and not  “look who we are”, just listen and party.

This weekend the band goes to Denmark. A great reward for a year of hard work.

And if you want to know who they are and how they sound. Listen to their new promo.

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  1. Love them too! I love Volbeat and they play and sing ithave very well! Seen them three times now and I’ve spoken with bandmembers each time, very approachable…


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