Innersphere is a melodic death metal band with elements of doom metal established in Pilsen, Czech Republic in fall of 2015. The band has been active since the early days - mostly played across central Europe and Balkans. The band got many positive reviews after releasing the first full length album ‘Amnesia’ in 2018, when... Lees verder →

Northern Redemption

Heavy metal from the North. How many time did I write about it? I don’t even remember how many bands I’ve presented you from the Northern European countries. And I can tell you that I’ve found another one, Northern Redemption. Northern Redemption, an ‘old school’ heavy metal band is from Sweden and founded by Thomas... Lees verder →

Perfect Storm

The Dutch prog-rock formation Perfect Storm released a new video, ‘Strength’. This track is from their album ‘No Air’ which is released on 19th March 2021. Perfect Storm consist of extremely dynamic and adventurous Dutch musicians, founded in Groningen, but influenced from all wind directions. With smashing guitar riffs, driving drums, tight bass lines, velvet... Lees verder →

Illusions Of Grandeur

Illusions of Grandeur “IOG”, is a Theatrical Hard Rock/Fantasy Metal band based in Lancaster, PA. IOG took the PA and NJ scenes by storm, debuting “The Siren Saga” live show. The Siren Saga is a story of the journeys, perils, and triumphs of the Siren and her warriors.  The story mixes facts and fiction combining... Lees verder →


Volgens mij was het ergens in April 2019 dat ik in POPEI Eindhoven kennis mocht maken met een band waarvan ik het bestaan niet kende. Nu gebeurt dat wel vaker maar soms ben je zo’n band ook weer snel vergeten. Maar dat was nu zeker niet het geval. Ik kan me nog herinneren dat het... Lees verder →

Kalidia FemME 2020

Kalidia is an Italian melodic power metal band from Italy. The band was formed in 2010. Inspired by classic power bands like Rhapsody of Fire, Hammerfall and Stratovarius as well as new bands like Beast in Black They have created an uplifting melodic power metal album with the roots in classic power metal with a... Lees verder →

Dream Ocean FemME 2020

Dream Ocean is a Turkish/German symphonic metal band. Dream Ocean was formed by the guitarist Oz Khan and mezzo-soprano Başak Ylva on vocals in Istanbul- Turkey. The band is harmonizing the power metal and the opera with the symphonic elements in a modern way. Inspired by many different genres, Dream Ocean is coming forward with... Lees verder →

Glasya FemME 2020

Glasya is a symphonic metal band from Portugal. Glasya, a symphonic metal band featuring 6 members that have a variety of influences and styles in their backgrounds, originated a sound with a wide range, from classic to ethnic to the more powerful metal riffs. Project took off composition and pre-production of the original songs while... Lees verder →

Askara FemME 2020

Askara is a gothic metal band from Switzerland. Askara’s music style is most aptly described as progressive gothic metal. The band unites different elements of gothic metal with progressive, heavier metal. This distinctive style is characterised by the clear vocals of lead singer Myriam and bassist Elia’s growls contrasting her singing. These opposing sides of... Lees verder →

Hitheside FemME 2020

Hitherside is one singing, American red-head and one very talented Belgian multi-instrumentalist bond together to create infectious songs containing amazing guitar riffs, textures and memorable melodies with big doses of lush harmonies mixed in. Hitherside is a part American and part Belgian Female Fronted Alternative Metal band based in Antwerp, Belgium. The band consists of... Lees verder →

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