The Gale – Coldbound

You got mail!

One morning I woke up and I did what I do every morning. I looked in the mail just to see if there are important things which I have to read before I go to work. That morning I saw a message from Pauli Souka. I didn’t know the name so I got curious. I read the message and I knew this guy is just the kind of person I like. Someone busy with his music and working hard to promote what he’s is doing. Someone who lives for his music.

He asked me if I would listen to his new album and what I would think of it. And he sent me his press map. I always ask myself, why should someone ask me to do so. But that’s not important. Pauli asked me to listen and I did.


Before telling you something about the album I will give you some information about the band Coldbound, the band of Pauli. This band is from Finland (and we know it already, good music comes from Finland). The band was founded in 2012. The called themselves a black metal band (most of the time). And the band has released 4 full length albums (including the new one).

Picture: Ida Korkiakoski

The Gale

The fourth and latest album, the one Pauli sent me, is called The Gale. This album is a bit different then the other ones. This album is the first one with more polished work, so they call it melodic death metal. For me it’s always difficult to say if it is really melodic death metal. All those kinds of metal, the differences are not always easy to hear and not all the tracks sounds the same. I think most important is always the way it sounds.

The album is recorded during April 2017 – May 2018 and contains 9 tracks.

20954042_710745159122852_2625299444440027227_n 2
Artwork: Paulina Medepona


1, 61′ 43’N 17’07 e

2. The Invacation

3. Endurance Trough Infinity

4. The Eminent Light

5. The Gale

6. My Solace

7.Winter Unfold

8. Shades of Myself

9. Towards the Weeping Skies 

This is what the band tell us about the album:

The concept of the album is focused to memories of nostalgia , personal struggles and last but not least has the purpose of raising the awareness of those who suffer from depression , have suicidal thoughts or feel lonely. The Moto of the album that is repeated continuously on the song “Shades of Myself” and is displayed on the digipak that is about to be released, is “Living is an act of courage”.

The lyrics are mostly inspired by personal struggles and somehow promote optimism through dark times.


Members who contributed to the album

Pauli Souka ( composer , guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, lyrics ,programming, layout, production )

Paulina Medepona (Vocals on track “The Eminent Light” )

Andras Miklosvari ( keyboards on tracks 4,5,6,7)


I listened to the album several times now. And I started with ‘My solace”. The most easy way I thinks because of the video. And I was impressed. It was a new kind of music for me but it got my attention. “My solace” was the track that made me curious. So I listened directly to the whole album.

The nine tracks together are beautiful to listen to. For me it was a journey in which I never get lost. How can I explain this. Let me try.

Start the album, put on your headphones and close your eyes. I was at the start of the album somewhere in a forest far away from my hometown. And the only thing I could here was the sound of the wind in the trees and birds. I came close to myself and the voices on the album told me what to do and something about life itself.

It’s a great album and all the tracks are of the same high quality. It sounds just marvelous. The lyrics are great (they tell you things to think about) and the music well done.

I’m happy with the album. They did a great job and I can recommend it to everyone who likes music of high quality.

I will give it 90/100.

More info:

On YouTube and Spotify

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