X-Tinxion FemME 2020


X-Tinxion is a trash metal band from the Netherlands.

X-Tinxion is a thrash metal formation with its own, distinctive sound. While primarily a thrash band, X-Tinxion incorporates influences from other genres, blending fast, old-school thrash metal riffs with melodic passages to create something truly unique. Edgy solos, bold drum work, and a tight, on-stage performance blend together with quality songwriting and smart, witty lyrics that take a hold of you with catchy melodies.

(Picture: Maurice Jonas)

Vocally, X-Tinxion goes above and beyond the female-fronted thrash band, with soaring vocals and a massive range that alternates from haunting screams to dark grunts and growls to create a sound that is simultaneously aggressive and melodic. Together, these qualities allow X-Tinxion to bridge the gap between modern and authentic nostalgic thrash (website X-Tinxion) (info website X-Tinxion).


Monica Janssen – vocals
Conrad Hultermans – guitar
Sepp Coeck – guitar
Kornee Kleefman – bass guitar
Peter van Toren – drums

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