Edge Of Paradise

A few weeks ago I already told you about Edge Of Paradise. The just released their latest single and there was news about the new album ‘THE UNKNOWN’. This new album will be released on September 17th.

For ‘’Ons Nieuws Music” reasons enough to ask the band more about this upcoming album. The lead singer of Edge Of Paradise ( Margarita Monet) answered our questions.

So thank you very much Margarita!

I think it’s already 10 years behind us you released your first album. Is there a big difference between the first and the new one?

Oh yes, we sound nothing like our first album ‘MASK’. We really started to find our sound with our EP ‘ALIVE’, released back in 2017. The music started to take a turn with industrial and cinematic elements, so we followed it and with our release ‘UNIVERSE’ in 2019 via Frontiers Records, that really defined our sound as a band. And now with our 4th album ‘THE UNKNOWN’, it’s the most meaningful, cinematic and powerful album we’ve ever done, in a way, it’s a continuation of Universe, but just taken a whole new level and we can’t wait to share the music with the world!

What’s behind the title ‘THE UNKNOWN’?

THE UNKNOWN’ is an exploration of endless possibilities of our future, as the lines between reality and digital space disappear. We almost live on the verge of science fiction as it is. With this album, we push all boundaries of reality, but at the same time, connect to the deepest human emotions. Even though, the album dives into many futuristic themes, the heart of the album is the title track, and the words “Inside the silence of my mind, I find the strength in the unknown…” Fragility, intertwined with unbelievable strength, the album delivers an empowering message: to choose hope over fear, to find strength within the mystery of the Unknown.

(picture: presskit KS Edge Of Paradise)

 You call yourself ‘The future of modern music’. What makes your music so special?

I think we called ourselves space metal as a joke one time, and then people started using future to whatever they called us haha. Ever since we started the band, people always had trouble labeling us, and we never wanted to just fit into one box. Dave and I come from such different backgrounds, so when we figured out how to write songs together, they didn’t really fit a certain mold. We were proud of that, but it presented its own set of challenges. I’ve played classical piano my whole life, I love incorporating cinematic soundscapes and industrial elements into our songs, and Dave comes from heavy metal world, and he’s so creative with his guitar riffs and we feed off of each other’s styles and ideas to create our sound. I think that probably makes it unique, but we always just wanted to create music we’re proud of and that can hopefully be meaningful to others and stand the test of time!

 Are you inspired by other bands?

We’re inspired by a lot of things. We love big stage shows Like Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Within Temptation… I’ve always been inspired by science and the new discoveries, and I also love movie sound tracks, my favorite composers are Clint Mansell and Hanz Zimmer.

 We already received the title track of the album. Is this song different from the other songs on the album?

The title track is a different song on so many levels. Because it’s so dynamic and cinematic. I think people don’t expect it to go where it does, and to me it’s the most meaningful song I’ve ever written! But every song on the album are very different from each other, however you can definitely tell that they are all part of the same album, because they take you on a very dynamic and epic journey through our universe as we explore the Unknown worlds 🙂

Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics on the album?

Dave and I are the main songwriters, I always written the words and sometimes have the song arranged on the keyboard and then Dave comes in with the guitar and we evolve it from there, sometimes he starts the song on the guitar and it inspires me to put keyboard melodies that lead to the words, we always go back and forth feeding off each other’s ideas. Once we have the demo, we send it to our drummer Jammie to add more rhythmic elements, then we take it to our producers and start the recording process.

 Who did the artwork?

Alex Ruiz, he’s a Los Angeles based artist who does a lot of art for marvel, he did the cover art. The ‘DIGITAL PARADISE’ single cover was created by Timo Wuerz, it’s also the back of the album, and he’s a German artist, he has many books out, his work is really incredible!

 How long did it take to make this album?

The entire 2020 lockdown 🙂

Were there some difficulties to make this album because of Covid?

We were lucky we were able to record at the studio with our producer Mike Plotnikoff and Neil Sanderson was zooming in from Canada. We pretty much spent the whole year at the studio, it kept us sane!

 Will there be a release party?

Situation with covid is still making things difficult in Los Angeles to plan. So well be celebrating virtually until we can get back to touring, and then it’ll be one big party on the road 🙂

You have a lot of fans in Europe. Is there a possibility you will do some concerts is Europe and is it also possible to come to our country (Holland)?

 Of course! Right before the pandemic we toured Europe with Sonata Arctica, we did 3 shows in Holland, such a beautiful place, we can’t wait to be back! We’re looking at spring of 2022 for European tour!

 How important are social media for you?

It’s very important these days because we can connect with people from all over the world and share our art. We also have fun giveaways going on, like right now everyone who pre orders our album is entered to win one of our guitars that we used in a ‘Face Of Fear’ music video we filmed in Iceland. And also win my original paining of the title track ‘THE UNKNOWN’! However our favorite thing to do is play live, and have that connection of sharing our music with people in a live setting! There is nothing that comes close to that in my opinion!

Magarita Monet (picture presskit KS Edge Of Paradise)

 What are your future plans?

 We have more content to release, we have a surprise bonus track that’s gonna release after the album is out! We’ll be doing more music videos, and of course touring! Thank you so much for having me, for supporting the music, and we can’t wait to meet you at a show!


Margarita Monet – Vocals, keys
Dave Bates – Guitars
Jamie Moreno – Drums
Ricky Bonazza – Bass

Website: http://www.EdgeOfParadiseband.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EdgeOfParadiseBand

Twitter: http://twitter.com/edgeofparadise

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/45MvWoWLKlKglPHeKiVlJY

Instagram: https://instagram.com/edgeofparadise

YouTube: https://youtu.be/vPRLypNTxg8

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