Blessed by Iron

Something new is coming our way. That’s what this band tells us. And that makes me curious. Blessed by Iron is the name of the band. And they are from Piteå, a city in the northern parts of Sweden.

(Photo Credits: Peter Rydström)

But is it all brand new? Maybe you already know one of the bandmembers, Simone Stålnacke. I wrote about her old band a while ago.

But now she’s joining Blessed by Iron. The band includes members from the former metal band First Revival and Skulls Free.

Blessed by Iron categorizes themselves as a barbed wired rock band with influences from the late 70’s rock but also with some touches from modern heavy metal.

The band was formed in 2015 by the vocalist Viktor with another lineup and was active until the spring of 2019.  After that the band was put on hold due to personal reasons from the former bandmembers until the fall in 2020 when Viktor decided together with the new lineup to bring the band back to life again and begin their mission to spread their name across the globe.

(Photo credits: Peter Rydström)

And what’s more new?? They recorded a brand new song which will be released soon. And I’m a lucky guy because I already had the opportunity to listen to the song. And I can tell you it’s awesome. And I’m sure you will like it too. When it’s released I will share it of course. If you like old school rock with catchy guitars with a touch of pure metal….this will be your song.

So stay tuned!

Blessed by Iron:

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