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Always looking and searching for new bands and new music. And I can tell you, there’s a lot to discover and to enjoy. Last year Metal Factory was one of the bands which I heard for the first time and it was love at first side. I already introduced some of their music on my music page but I think it will be nice to discover more about this band from the Czech Republic . And this will be the right time because they just released their first full length album ‘Defeat All.

So thank you very much Pavlina, Zuzana and Vasek for answering my questions.

First of all, can you introduce yourselves. It’s always nice to know who are in the band, musical backgrounds, instruments etc.

Pavlina:  Hi Harrie and warm greetings to all rock fans! We are a female-fronted band from CZ with two singers – myself and ZuzanaZuzka, Susan”. And there are 3 guys who play with us – they all worked in leading Czech power metal bands in the past. The bandleader is Vasek Moch, guitarist and songwriter of our first album “Defeat All”. There are Jaroslav Sedlacek on bass and newly Daniel Baalberith Jurecek on drums now.

Vasek:  Before the Metal Factory engagement, Pavlina sang in several local bands and “party bands” – she liked to sing cover versions too – such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Metallica etc., and in 2014 she even won national competition called “Czechia sings – Česko zpívá”. She studied Piano and she is a fan of art, photohraphy, drawing, gardening, animals, pets and computer games.

The other frontwoman Zuzka sang in several local bands and liked to sing covers too, including progress or gothic metal songs. She is a multi-instrumentalist and plays keys, guitar, flute, cajon and little bit cello. She loves sports and has her own board game club.

Dan and Jaroslav are experienced musicians and rockstars who have performed in front of world stars in the past, such as Iron Maiden, Accept, Manowar, Edguy, Nightwish, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call etc.

(Daniel – drums)

Are you professional musicians or do you have other jobs also?

Vasek:  Although for some of us there was a real opportunity to make a living with full-time music in the past, unfortunately it was not compatible with working in a rock band, so we all have our “civilian” jobs and music is our big and expensive hobby (laugh). But never say never.

Why the name ‘Metal Factory’?

Zuzana:  The band comes from the city of Ostrava – which is called the heart of steel of the Czech Republic and the city is well known due to processing metals for many decades. So the name “Metal Factory” offered itself. And Jaroslav is also a welder for decades (laugh).

The band is brand new I think? Who came up with the idea to start a band?

Pavlina:  Our bandleader Vasek came up with the idea a few months after leaving one of the leading Czech power-metal band that he has been part of for ten years. The band was initially only a project with a few songs, but /based on the reactions of others/, a regular band was formed.

(Pavlina – vocals)

Why a metal band?

Zuzana:  We all played rock and metal our whole music career, there was no other choice.

There are already a few videos online. How do people react when they saw the videos?

Pavlina:  We were very pleasantly surprised, because they have been noticing us abroad from the beginning, and we did not invest much in advertising.

We have seen a lot of positive reactions in the Czech Republic and new fans are still writing to us. Unfortunately, we also experienced a lot of envious reactions. But we are not doing anything about it and we are laughing at these people and self-appointed experts.

You are releasing your first album. What can you tell us about this album? What can we expect?

Zuzana:  The album is called ‘Defeat All’. You can expect everything that the first records entail – drive, variety, many colors and the pursuit of authenticity, which we now prefer over modern “perfection”. 

How many songs are there on the new album?

Zuzana: The album contains 12 original songs, including singles, that have been released already, but with a new sound. The total footage is almost an hour of metal ☺

Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics?

Pavlina: All songs were written by Vasek, but we all worked together on the arrangements, of course. Zuzka and I adapted the vocal lines to our vocal abilities too.

Zuzana:  Regarding lyrics… I wrote lyrics for 3 songs, Pavlína 5 songs and Vasek 4 songs.

How is it to play metal in your home country? Is there an audience for metal?

Zuzana:  We have a relatively good audience and performances. Unfortunately – not well-paid, but everyone can enjoy it.

There are a number of big rock and metal festivals in the Czech Republic, but the organizers often prefer foreign bands, which are not actually always better than local bands. In addition, local bands (without good contacts) have to pay a lot of money to play at big festivals, it happens quite often, it is very sad.

But the truth is that Czech people go for metal music, no matter if it’s festival, solo concerts or pubs.

(Jaroslav – bass)

How will you describe the kind of metal you play?

Pavlina:  We have been dealing with this issue from the very beginning, because we did not know exactly where to place it. We think that the new album is quite diverse, so it cannot be precisely defined. We think we play heavy, power and melodic metal. According to the first reviews, it seems that people place us in power metal.

You are, as we speak, ‘a female fronted band’. What’s your opinion about calling a band ‘female fronted’?

Pavlina:  Why not, it’s right, so we accept it. These labels can help you get better acquainted with the bands. But we are convinced that the music we play is definitely not a purely female matter (laugh).

When I visit your social media I can only read it when I am able to read your home language. Is there a special reason to do this in Czech?

Zuzana:  Yes, this is one of the issues we will solve very soon. More and more foreign fans are turning to us (we are very happy about it). As a starting project we want to be as close as possible to our audience here in the Czech Republic to make sure people know about us and understand the nature of Metal Factory.

Is your music inspired by other bands? And yes, which bands?

Vasek:   I really like music produced by Primal Fear and music produced by Anton Kabanen (Beast in Black) or film soundtracks. I love Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Bryan Adams and lot of bands across the music spectrum.

Pavlina:  I love Battle Beast with Noora Louhimo, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Five – finger Death Punch.

Zuzana:  We all have different preferences what to listen but the album itself is not a copy of style of some other band. We want to be unique and I hope we are.

Will there be a release party when the album will be released?

Pavlina: The album was officially released on February 22, 2022, but the CD release party will take place on May 6 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. This is our homeland and we will celebrate everything with loyal fans and people who have supported us from the beginning.

(Vasek – guitars)

Is there a possibility to buy a copy or is the album only available on the streaming platforms?

Zuzana:  Purchasing a physical CD is currently possible to order via e-mail: – the CD is paid via PayPal and sent by post

If you are satisfied with a digital copy of the CD, you can also order it via e-mail and after payment via PayPal we will send you a digital copy of the CD  with a booklet included.

We will not release the CD on streaming platforms for several weeks, because the conditions of online distribution are not very convinient for us now.

Which track is your most favorite?

Zuzana:  My favorite song is track no.10 “No One Knows”, which was originally supposed to sound completely different and now it looks like it will be a really powerful song.

Pavlina:  My favorite song is track no.9 “Immortal Combat”. Classic power/speed metal song with a really screaming chorus.

Vasek:  I like the opening song “Never Again” for its lyrics, idea, and I like triplet rhytms songs so much.

(Zuzana – vocals)

When can we welcome you in Holland?

PavlinaWe want to play only the first few local performances this year – we would like to plan and play a lot more performances next season, we will be happy about looking abroad too. Once we manage to get to the Holland, we will be very honored and look forward to it!

Metal Factory on social media:

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